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Blogs are personal logs or diaries. Of which there are many millions. Sites such as those suggested are not blogs in themselves but platforms for the blogs.

Many people create their own platforms on their own sites.

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Q: What other blogs are there besides Facebook MySpace and Friendster?
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Yes, he does have a friendster but u must try every possible name to search. Also, he has a myspace type 山田 涼介 to find him. [Put a space] No, he does not. All Johnnys are not allowed to have personal blogs like Mixi, MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster and any other social networks you can think of. Normally those 'Johnnys' you see on those social webs (not including real official ones, like the ones where the blog has been announced on somewhere reliable) are fake.

What are some good social websites for teenagers besides MySpace Facebook twitter?

tumblr is a great way to get inspired by reading blogs & also is a cute website full of inspiration! and is like twitter :)

How can you read someones MySpace private blogs?

you become their friend.

Are blogs on facebook free?

i guess so

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What is the best site to start a professional blog on?

The best site to create a blog is for kids under 13! The best site to create blogs for adults and teenagers is probably. Myspace or Facebook. Thanks!

Would you capitalize the word facebook if you are writing about it?

Yes, at least that's what Facebook and professional blogs do;)

What are bulletin services for MySpace?

Bulletin services for Myspace are on the order of blogs or news websites. They can range from specific bulletins of countries to private group bulletins.

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" 4.10. Where did the photos, blogs, comments, testimonials and all the other content in my old Friendster profile go?As part of the reformat of the site, we had to remove some of the content of your profile including the photo albums, blogs and most parts of the profile like the "more about " info, comments and the testimonials.If you have an account in the old Friendster, you don't have to register again to get in to the new one. You can still use your login credentials (to your old profile) to login to the new Friendster and edit your new profile to your liking.If you're having problems logging in, please email us at so that we can help you."Quoted from friendster's blog.

How do you put pictures in MySpace blogs?

upload them to photobucket, tinypic, imageshack etc and put the link in?

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Garfunkel and Oates lyrics are available in the "blogs" section of their myspace page.

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