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Hydrochloric acid and potasium help alot


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All pools need something to help keep it clean and safe. Chlorine has long been the sanitizer of choice. Saltwater is no different, as the charged cell breaks down Salt in the water into Chlorine.

saltwater in a pool should be drained every couple of months make sure to have it balanced with other chemicals too -lola5597

to kill all the bad things that might get in there when you go in it but doesnt hurt you

need to know more info, please go to Thank u, John has a lot of information about shopping for and maintaining above ground pools. They also have a manual on the website about how to properly balance the chemicals in the water, and what chemicals to use.

saltwater fish need to breath in saltwater and not fresh water. just like we need to breath in oxygen and not carbon dioxide.

Answer from a Stone Person Any natural stone or masonry surrounding a saltwater pools should be sealed for protection to prevent pitting and flaking for the surface called "Spalling", This is caused by saltwater splash-outs penetrating into porous stone or concrete. The product you need is manufactured by DuPont specifically for stone and masonry surrounding saltwater pools. It can be purchased online at the link below

yes, they do need saltwater to live.

Filters and chemicals work differently. You'll need both. The filter removes particulate from the water, which makes it clear (which makes you happy). The chemicals act by reducing the amount of microorganisms growing in the water. The chemicals work first and the filter sweeps up after them. For a private pool you can use less of the chemicals than are usually used in public pools.

you need 'water ice' , dust and other chemicals

All sorts of chemicals can separate other chemicals chemically. You need to be more specific.

No, it will affect the pH of your pool. You need to look at the chemicals calcium harness, as well as any metals in your water.

You need to use chemicals in all pools regardless of size. This prevents all kinds of NASTY things from happening. Your local pool supply store can help with the type and amount needed

No, a saltwater pool does not need to be covered.

None, they need saltwater in order to survive.

Chlorine is what is usually put in pools to keep them clean and to kill the bacteria living there.

can you?? you NEED to!!

They live IN FRESHWATER. They CAN live in saltwater, but they need freshwater to drink.

Yes and no. There are other chemicals involved. You need to get a pool chemistry booklet or a swimming pool book soon before the pool gets ahead of you. You may be in over your head until you get someone to show you how to maintain a pool because it is not only the chemistry but the equipment maintenance also. Ken

You need an aquarium, a filter, a lighting system, sand, rocks, some saltwater, and something to start the cycle.

No, not all pools. Some pools are made of tile.

Because they are saltwater fish and not freshwater fish. Like humans drink freshwater and not saltwater, because our bodies can't tolerate an intake of saltwater.

Yes it can! I've seen several different places online that have them this is just 1. SALTWATER CHLORINATORChlorEase Saltwater Chlorinator for Above-ground PoolsFeatures:Produces Chlorine Right in the Pool - Automatically and ContinuouslyAutomates Your Pool - No Need to Add ChlorineCan be Used with all Chemicals used in Chlorine-Maintained PoolsCord has Windable Spool for easy Cleaning and WinterizationAffordably Priced for the Above-ground Pool OwnerTreats Above-ground Pools up to 18,000 GallonsEasily Installs on New or Existing Pools - No Plumbing RequiredHeavy DutyHigh-Efficiency CellUses and 110V GFI-Protected OutletSwimmers love the soft water feelBetter for skin, hair, and eyes than regular chlorine1 year Limited WarrantyETL Listed to UL 1081Order No. Description SALE PRICE Quantity CL01 ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorinator $159.99

It forms a large part of the skeleton of the corals. Fish and other animals in the tank also need it.

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