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A femoral hernia is another type of hernia that appears in the groin, occurring when abdominal organs and tissue press through the femoral ring.

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Yes, an inguinal hernia through Hesselach's triangle (or the inguinal triangle) is a direct inguinal hernia. An indirect inguinal hernia goes through the deep inguinal ring and continues through the inguinal canal.

Inguinal hernia repair, also known as herniorrhaphy, is the surgical correction of an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia is an opening, weakness, or bulge in the lining tissue (peritoneum) of the abdominal wall in the groin area.

Inguinal hernia repair is performed to close or mend the weakened abdominal wall of an inquinal hernia.

In young man the common hernia in indirect inguinal hernia. Reduction of hernia, excision of the sac and narrowing of the internal inguinal ring is the best method.

Inguinal herniorrhaphy is the medical term meaning suture of an inguinal hernia. Hernioplasty is a less commonly-used term for hernia repair.

The recovery time for having an inguinal hernia surgery is about three weeks. Most people are able to go home from inguinal hernia surgery the same day.

Chester B. McVay has written: 'Inguinal hernia' -- subject(s): Inguinal hernia

The inguinal hernia is usually seen or felt first as a tender and sometimes painful lump in the upper groin where the inguinal canal passes through the abdominal wall.

Inguinal hernia. The previous poster to this answer was incorrect. A hernia that extends from the abdomen into the scrotum is called an inguinal hernia, while a hiatal hernia is one where the top part of the stomach pokes through the hole in the diaphragm where the esophagus goes.

Your question is wrong as there are various types of hernia . Males have inguinal hernia which can't occur in females .On the other hand females have femoral hernia not present in males .

No. There is no relation of the inguinal hernia and any of the necessary "plumbing" involved for women (or men).

If it isn't an inguinal hernia it could just be a growth. This does not mean it harmful, it could be a begin growth that will have no effect on your health.

if hernia tissu pass thrw ing.ring that is indirect ing.hernia.if it is pass thrw abdominal wall that is direct ing.herniaif hernia tissu pass thrw ing.ring that is indirect ing.hernia.if it is pass thrw abdominal wall that is direct ing.herniathe difference between direct hernia and indirect hernia is the direct hernia only affected the superficial inguinal ring and the indirect is affected the deep inguinal ringthe difference between direct hernia and indirect hernia is the direct hernia only affected the superficial inguinal ring and the indirect is affected the deep inguinal ring

had a vasectomy about a week ago, then started to have pain above my genitalia near my abdomen, can a vasectomy cause an inguinal hernia?

What causes an inguinal hernia is A: Increased prssure within the abdomen B: A Preexisting weak spot within the abdominal wall C: Or a combination of the two

An example of an occult hernia would be when a person has persistent inguinal (groin) pain with no obvious physical sign of the hernia.

In hernia repair surgery is involved any other risk of a surgery, such as excessive bleeding and infection. Hernia repair surgery can also be very painful, depending whether it is abdominal or inguinal hernia.

At the inguinal ring check for impulse on coughing.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia include: a large bump in the groin or scrotum, swelling in that area, sudden pain, nausea, and vomiting. It is caused by tissue pushing out of the intestinal wall.

An inguinal hernia is the medical term meaning displacement of the intestines through the inguinal canal. Other relatively common types of hernias are umbilical, ventral, and incisional hernias.

a surgical operation used to manage inguinal hernia

In the area where the upper leg meets the body. It is called the groin area. The inguinal canal resides at the base of the belly. Both men and woman have an inguinal canal. In men, the testes usually descend through this canal shortly before birth. In women, the canal is the location for the uterine ligament. If you have a hernia in this passage, it results in a protruding bulge that may be painful during movement.

None. But there are two types of inguinal herniae (or hernias): direct and indirect. Direct inguinal hernias occur when abdominal contents herniate through a weak point in the fascia of the abdominal wall and into the inguinal canal. Indirect inguinal hernias occur when abdominal contents protrude through the deep inguinal ring; this is ultimately caused by failure of embryonic closure of the processus vaginalis.

As with most medical concerns, only a visit with your physician will appropriately answer this question.Vomiting with an inguinal hernia may be for a number of reasons. First, individuals with inguinal hernias may get the stomach flu (gastroenteritis) like anyone else; this may cause vomiting, although it's not related to the hernia per se.Causes of vomiting related to the inguinal hernia include bowel obstruction (from a loop of bowel getting stuck within the hernia defect), strangulated bowel (when the blood supply to that loop of bowel becomes compromised), perforated bowel, and infarcted (dead) bowel. Other things may cause the nausea and vomiting, but these would be some of the more concerning.If you have an inguinal hernia and experience vomiting that concerns you, please see a physician. Only she can evaluate you properly to assess the source of the vomiting and whether intervention is necessary.

I am not so sure in UK but here is an estimate, if it is Hernia Repair Epigastric - it could cost at around $1500 - $3500 (, and if it is Hernia Repair Inguinal it would cost you at around $1500 ( Good Luck!