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Private schools, as well as after school programs. You might even could start your own business. Good luck with you and God Bless:)

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Q: What other jobs besides teaching in traditional schools can you get with a BA in early childhood?
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What system do most schools use for teaching music to young children?

Unlike the more traditional curriculum, such as math, science, social studies, etc., there really is no nationally standardized method of teaching music. Some schools do not even offer music as a class.

What was Daniel's childhood like?

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What are the implications of piaget's theory of cognitive development to the teaching and learning of science in basic schools?

so that people are aware of how they develop right from childhood to adulthood.

What was Daniel Radcliffe's childhood like?

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What was Daniel Radcliffe's childhood like?

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Are traditional schools better than public schools?


Differences and similarities of traditional and progressive schools?

The similarities of traditional and progressive schools is that both follow core curriculum. The difference between traditional and progressive schools is that the curriculum is taught at the students own pace.

Are online cooking schools cheaper than traditional schools?

Yes , online cooking schools are cheaper than traditional schools. You can go through this website : for best online schools for French cooking.

Are some digital photography schools better than others?

There always will be schools that are better are teaching then other schools. What you need to do is look at alumni's experience at these schools, as well as the schools retention rate, and figure out which of these schools are the most effective at teaching as well as what's best for you!

Problems associated with teaching of economics?

What are the problems associated with teaching of economics in schools

Why are all high schools traditional?

No because some counties are not traditional.

What new technology is there for teaching?

Many schools are now using iPads in schools.

Where can you find out about teaching in New South Wales public schools?

For detailed information about teaching in NSW public schools visit and explore the website.

What has the author Fayez Ibraheem Abolaban written?

Fayez Ibraheem Abolaban has written: 'A critique of traditional approaches to English language teaching in intermediate schools in Saudi Arabia'

Are accredited online schools as credible as traditional schools?

"Accredited online schools are as credible as traditional schools. This was not always true, but now through the convenience of internet online schools have proved their crediblity. You must however do your research to verify that the online school is accredited."

What has the author Vanessa Barnett written?

Vanessa Barnett has written: 'Come play with us' -- subject(s): Curricula, Arts, Toys in art, Public schools, Education, Study and teaching (Elementary) 'Visual arts' -- subject(s): Art, Creative activities and seat work, Study and teaching (Elementary), Study and teaching (Primary), Study and teaching (Early childhood)

What are the benefits of early childhood schools?

Early childhood schools can help children become literate and get the young kids use to learning in school. They can also have a positive influence from their teachers.

Where do early childhood teachers work?

early childhood teachers work in daycares and primary schools early childhood goes up to grad 2.

Teaching at Florida Virtual Schools?

If you have your education degree and are interested in working in a non-traditional environment, considering teaching for a Florida virtual school. Virtual schools allow students to learn at home. These schools are often used by homeschooled students, gifted students or students that need to learn at their own pace. Most Florida virtual schools are public, so you can apply for a job by contacting the school district. Virtual school teachers enjoy assisting students while working at home.

What is Africa's most popular job?

Teaching at schools

Causes and effect of stress in teaching economics as a subject in senior secondary schools?

teaching economics as a subject

What is the meaning of teaching approach?

Teaching approach refers to a teaching style adopted by particular teachers and schools. Teaching approaches differ according to teacher preferences and school policies.

Facts about Thomas Paine's childhood?

He was kicked out of many of his schools.

What online schools have an early childhood education program?

Schools like the University of Phoenix offers a program for early childhood education. Penn foster college is another school you could look int. These schools let you study at your own pace.

When are the schools destroyed?

Schools are destroyed when teachers teach to the standardized test instead of teaching the content of the class.