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Q: What over the counter medicine can I take to ease long haul flights?
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How many flights per day in long haul short haul and medium haul typical aircraft?

about 20 times a day by tom haul

Short haul flights?

basically flights under 3 hours basically flights under 3 hours basically flights under 3 hours

Do Thomson Airways have seatback TVs on short haul flights?


What is long haul destination?

A long haul destination requires a fairly long journey and a substantial distance; usualy flights are over 4 hours long.

Why the jet plane is important?

without it we would not be able to make long range (or long haul) flights

How many flights leave Aruba each week?

According to the website operated by Bookingpoint, over 334 flights leave Aruba every week.Specifically, 134 flights for short-haul destinations depart weekly. Over 204international flights leave Aruba weekly. There are 27 nonstop flights departing from Aruba weekly.

Do Virgin Atlantic only do long haul flights?

When you say long haul flights, I assume that you mean that there is no getting on or off of the plane when going to a destination. Like many other airlines they must offer a variety of different flights plans. If you look a bit more you may be able to find a plane that takes off at one place, stops between the original take off place and the final destination, and then puts you on another plane to be on your marry little way.

In flight meals service in airbus 300?

Meals provided on any flight will depend on the Airline, route and class of ticket. Most low-cost, short-haul operators do not provide any meals. Long-haul, premium flights normally include at least one meal.

Would you find a Boeing 747 at Heathrow airport?

You sure would. Heathrow is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world and has many long haul internation flights departing and arriving there.

Why all airlines are buying Dreamliner planes?

Airlines are buying the Dreamliner planes because they are the wave of the future. Dreamliners offer a vast array of amenities and very desired for long haul flights.

Is haul an adverb?

No, the word "haul" is not an adverb.The word "haul" is a verb and a noun.

What is short haul and long haul in stm1 surpass?

short haul in stm1 is below 30km and long haul which works for more then 30km.. there are differenet equipments for short haul and long haul.. working different wavelenght. long haul can work one 1310 nm and 1550nm.. but short haul can work on 1310 nm only..