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Prime it first with an auto spray primer. Then paint with Tremclad Anti-rust paint in brush or spray.

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Q: What paint do I use on a metal mailbox?
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Which paint for outside on mailbox?

A metal paint such as Tremclad or Rustoleum is best.

What can you apply to restore the gloss to your oxidized mailbox?

Rusty metal primer and paint.

What kind of paint do you use on a metal mailbox?

Any quality exterior paint. Do prime first however. Rustoleum makes a high visibility spray paint that might also be of interest to you. It can be purchased in the paint department of most Home Depots.

How do you restore a faded plastic mailbox?

Buy a new mailbox or go to the local paint store and by paint that will adhere to plastic.

What kind of paint can I use with a brush to paint house numbers on a black plastic mailbox?

I would use pinstriping paint, One Shot is a common brand, Sold in most art supply stores

Can you use paint strippers on metal?


What kind of paint do you use to paint a metal door?

Use a 100% acrylic latex paint over a pre-primed door. If it is bare metal, use a 100% acrylic primer first.

Can a design be painted on a vinal mail box/post combination What kind of paint would I use?

Yes, you can paint a design on a vinyl mailbox/post. The type of paint you would need to use is a latex exterior paint. This is the type of paint you would use on the majority of outside projects.

How much should i charge to paint a mailbox?


What paint to use for metal bed frame?

Spraying the frame of a metal bed is quite tricky. You can use a metal paint primer. Most paint professionals use "Flat paint" as a primer because it mixes with other products. So no worries on the rust preventative enamels and latex enamels.

What paint do you use on metal meter cabinets?

I would use a Rustoleum or other paint specifically for metals.

What material did he use to paint starry night?


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