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Radios and telephones played an important part in WWI, as they were a great improvement to the Trumpet. Mesages were not only head, but instructions were explained in detail

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How are cell phones like radios?

they both play music

How does the US Constitution play a part in today's governments around the world?

how does the us constitution play a part in today's governments around the world?

Is there a clock radio that can play mp3's?

A lot of clock radios will play mp3's.

What brands of clock radios can let you play nature sounds?

Jensen, iLive, and Timex all make clock radios that play nature sounds. You can check out http://www.this site ( to compare pricing.

What music video does a rock band play into telephones?

it was the Elvis song telephone band

Did religion play part in world war 2?


What part did trenches play in World War 1?


What part did Romania play in World War 2?


How did vladimir Lenin play a part in World War 2?

He played no part in World War 2, since he had died in 1924.

Does eminem play zombies on black ops?

No your mistaken you can play one of his songs on the zombies map five you have to hit three red telephones.

What part did Italy play in World War I and World War 2?

Italy was part of the axis forces in World War 2. In World War 1 Italy and it's colonies were part of the Allies forces.

Which boombox has the most features for me?

Sony boomboxes are excellent and can play MP3 CD's, have radios and some can even still play tapes.

Can any clock radios play cd's or tapes?

You can get all sorts of boombox alarmclocks which will play any music format you like.

Did World War 1 play a larger part in the onset of World War 2?

Not a large part but it was something relating to the causing of world war 2.

What part did the Americans play in World War 2?

we had had the part of shotting people cause we were stupid back then.

Is there a clock radio that will play cds too?

Many brands make clock radios that play CDs, like GPX and Boston Acoustics.

What was life like before the radio?

Life before the radio was a lot harder. One way it was harder was that there was there was less communication. If someone had an emergency the word took a lot longer to get out. When telephones weren't invented yet, the radio was one of the only for fast communication. Another reason life was harder before the radio was you could not listen to music. If there was a song you liked that you wanted to hear you had to go the concert and hope they play it, or you had to listen to somebody else play it, or you had to learn to play it yourself. A third reason the radio was a good invention is because a lot of inventions came from the idea of the radio. Telephones use radio waves to work and the idea for telephones came from the radio. Also cell phones and wireless Internet all work the same way radios do. As you can see life was a lot harder before the radio.

What range do cheap two way radios have?

The cheaper two way radios typically have a range of 100m - 150m which is more than enough to support the distance of the typical house so children can play.

What role did Switzerland play in world war 1?

Switzerland played no part in either World Wars.

How many nations will play in the World Cup?

In the 2014 world cup 32 countries will take part.

What part did the Nazis play in world war 2?

their actions caused the start of world war 2....

When did the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga first play on radios?

I think around late 2008?

can a satelite radio play ipods, or mp3s?

Yes, most satelite radios can play ipods, or mp3s but some may need additional contents.

What part did sassoon play in WW1?

He was a cavalry trooper in the world war 1.

What part did Russia play in World War 1?

i dont know :D