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its a whip-like structure that helps it move

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What Part of bacteria cell that helps it move?

The part of the bacteria cell that helps it move is the flagella

Do bacteria has flagella?

Yes, bacteria do have flagella. A flagella is whiplike projection on the surface of the bacterial cell, which makes/helps the bacteria to move.

How can a bacteria without flagella move?

How can a bacteria without flagella move ?

Why are flagella so difficult to stain?

These bacteria that have flagella have to be handled more carefully than bacteria without flagella because the flagella could brake off the bacteria. Remember that some bacterial flagella are very small and delicate.

Can flagella be pathogenic?

Flagella is a part of the cell which allows the cell to move. Bacteria which have flagella are not always pathogenic. Some, like Heliobacter pylori have a flagella and cause stomach ulcers in some patients. Thus, a flagella is not an indication of pathogenicity.

What is the function of a bacterial flagella?

Flagella is the whip-like structure extending from the bacteria and it allows for movement of bacteria.

Do anaerobic bacteria have flagella?

Some methanogenic bacteria (which are anaerobic) do have flagella. You can read more in the related link

Which bacteria have flagella?


What is the role of the flagella on a bacteria cell?

Flagella on any cell (including bacteria) move it towards some goal.

Is flagella your feet?

NO, flagella is tiny organelles on cells. The tail of sperm and even bacteria has flagella, though.

Is flagella found in plant or animal cells?

it is not found in plants unless bacteria is in the plant because it is the tail part of bacteria. i am a 5th grader

How do the cilia and flagella of protists differ from those of bacteria?

Bacteria only have cilia while protists have both cilia and flagella.

Of what morphology are most bacteria possesing flagella?

A penicillum does not have flagella, it is a drug, or antibiotic

Do bacteria move?

Some bacteria cells have flagella or tiny whip-like structures. A bacteria may have one flagellum or many flagella. A bacteria will use its flagella to move in its environment. Bacteria that do not have flagella cannot move on their own. They rely on air or water currents, clothing, or other objects to carry them from place to place.ya beacuse they travel from animal to animal

What is the role of flagella in a bacteria cell?

The role of a flagella in a bacterial cell is motility. Through the back and forth movements of the flagella bacteria can propel themselves through their environment. The flagella also help bacteria undergo chemotaxis, the ability to move away from some stimuli and move towards others.

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