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Moose are found pretty well all over Canada except the prairies.

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What continent does the moose live on?

the moose lives in canada the northern part of the u.s. they also live in europe and asia

What part of N America does the moose live?

mainly the northern part of the united states, and parts of canada.

Do moose live in zoos?

no, they live in canada.

Do moose live on the west coast of Canada?

Yes, moose live on the west coast of Canada but they do not live on Vancouver island or other islands.

Where do moose live in US?

moose live in mainly in north U.S.A and parts of Canada

Where do most moose live?

in canada

Why are moose so important to Canada?

Moose are considered to be a part of our heritage, since primary habitat of moose and the largest population of moose found in a single country is Canada, and not anywhere else.

What animals live in the Appalachian Canada?


Do Canadian Moose Live In The Forest?

No of course in canada!!

What continent does a moose mostly live in?

U.S.A. or canada....

Do moose and deer live in the mountains?

yes they do, moose live in the northern u.s. states and Canada deer are almost everywhere

Where can someone find a bull moose in Canada?

The bull moose is easy to distinguish. The male moose (or bull moose) has antlers, while the female does not. Most moose live in Canada. They tend to live in forests in very cold climates. Their mating season is fall, so keep an eye out!

What breeds of plants and animals live only in Canada?

Beavers and moose are animals that ONLY live in Canada

Where does a moose live?

Where can I find a moose?Moose live alone or in small groups. They like wet places. They like the forest.You can find moose in the US and Canada. love blue dog lol:D

Where do moose live in Canada?

Moose live in various places in Canada. They are commonly found in shrubs, lake shores, wooded hillsides, boreal forests and many other places.

Where is the most common place for a moose to live?

Alaska and Canada

Do moose live in northern forests or southern?

Northern, but it is sort of contradictory because in the USA, moose live in the North, and in Canada they live in the South as well as the North.

Where do moose and wolves live?

Wolves live in dens and mouses live in the woods in places such as Canada.

What is the province of Canada for the moose jaw?

The city of Moose Jaw is part of Saskatchewan.

How does the moose represent Canada?

are moose a synbol of canada?

Why does answerscom never give you the answer to how far does a moose live from here?

We cannot answer "how far does a moose live from here" because we cannot know where "here" is unless you include the location in your answer.Examples of questions that possibly could be answered might be:How far does a moose live from PennsylvaniaHow far does a moose live from from ArizonaHow far does a moose live from Quebec Canada

Where in the United States do moose live?

Moose enjoys colder climates with a lot of water so they stay more in the Northern part of the United States and in Canada. They can also be found in Europe but are called Elk

In what biome does moose leave?

Moose live primarily in the taiga. The taiga consists of subarctic coniferous forests. The taiga exists in Canada as well as throughout Siberia, and moose live in both places.

Do moose live in the Everglades?

No. Moose actually live in some of the northern parts of the lower forty-eight states of America, most of Alaska and in most of Canada.

Where does moose live?

Moose are found in North America (northern lower 48 states, Canada and Alaska) and parts of northern Europe.