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What part of Missouri is St. Louis in?


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St. Louis is along the eastern border, on the Mississippi River across from western Illinois. The capital was moved from St. Louis to Jefferson City in 1821, but the city of St. Charles served as the temporary capital until Jefferson City was completed in 1826.

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No, St Louis is in Missouri. St Louis Park is in Minnesota.

No, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is not a coastal city. The nearest large body (well, bodies) of water to St. Louis are the Great Lakes. The river that run through St Louis, Missouri is the Mississippi river. The Missouri river confluence with the Mississippi is about 6 miles north of downtown St Louis.

There is a county (note no R) of St. Louis in Missouri, which is distinct from the city of St. Louis, which is an administrative district of the state of Missouri at the same level as a county but not part of any county.

The address of the Mercantile Library At The University Of Missouri- St. Louis is: 8001 Natural Bridge Rd., St. Louis, MO 63121

St. Louis is in the United States in the state of Missouri.

The city of St. Louis is located on both the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers.

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St. Louis, Missouri is located on the Illinois/Missouri border.

It is 9.2 miles from St. Louis, Missouri to Clayton, Missouri if you travel via I-64 West.

They meet near St. Louis, Missouri.St. LouisThe Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River just north of Saint Louis, Missouri.

The city of St. Louis is located on both theMississippi and Missouri Rivers.

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St. Louis is located in the state of Missouri.its in MISSOURI

St. Louis is in Missouri, United States

The city of St. Louis is not actually part of a county. It is an independent city operating as both city and county within itself. St. Louis County surrounds the City of St. Louis but as a completely separate government entity.

None. St Louis is the largest city in Missouri, but the capital of Missouri is Jefferson City.

It depends on which Saint Louis you mean: As of 2013: St. Louis, Michigan, ILLEGAL St. Louis, Oklahoma, ILLEGAL St. Louis County, Minnesota, LEGAL St. Louis County, Missouri, ILLEGAL St. Louis Park, Minnesota, LEGAL Lake St. Louis, Missouri, ILLEGAL

St. Louis is in two states Missouri and Illinois.

Here is a link to the pronunciation of St. Louis. http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=St.+Louis Here is a link to the pronunciation of Missouri. http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=missouri Interestingly enough, they also provide a french pronunciation of St. Louis.

You can address it as:St. Louis ZooForest Park,St. Louis, Missouri 63104

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