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That would be the flaps. There are flaps on the trailing edge of a wing on most aircraft and there can also be leading edge flaps as well, often seen on the big airliners. These flaps will be lowered and will effectively increase the curvature of the wing, allowing it fly at higher angles of attack for greater lift. It also produces greater drag, useful for dropping altitude without speeding up and flying slow on approach to landing.

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What is the center of curvature of a plane mirror?

A plane mirror is not curved so it does not have a center of curvature. Or if you want to be mathematically correct, you could say that it's center of curvature is at an infinite distance from the mirror.

Which anatomical plane does lordosis occur?

Lordosis is a spinal curvature in the median plane with an posterior concavity.

How can a spherical mirror become a plane mirror?

By increasing its radius of curvature to infinity.

True or false the center of curvature of a plane mirror is at infinity?

Plane mirrors don't have one, I'd say it was 0.

Are lines on a sphere in the same plane?

Not necessarily. A plane dissecting a sphere would create a circle in that plane. so in order for the "line" to be both on the plane and the sphere the line would have to be a curve or segment of a circle.

What is the angular distance of the horizon below the plane of observation caused by the curvature of the earths surface called?


How does a plane look like in math terms?

An infinite flat surface, or an infinite surface with zero curvature.

What is another name for a plane in geometry?

Not sure about a name, but "an infinite surface with zero curvature" is an equivalent phrase.

An air plane can fly because there is blank on its wings?

"blank on" = greater convex curvature on the upper surface of

How many non-collinear points are needed to create a plane?

To create a plane, infinitely many. To uniquely determine a plane, just three.

What has the author Geert Remmert Veldkamp written?

Geert Remmert Veldkamp has written: 'Curvature theory in plane kinematics' -- subject(s): Kinematic geometry, Kinematics, Plane Curves

Types of surveying?

1. Plane surveying. 2. Geodetic surveying. The surveying in which the curvature of the earth is not considered is called plane surveying. The surveying in which the curvature of earth is taken into account is called geodetic survey. for very large area surveys such as national boundary survey, laying national highways geodetic survey is carried out.

What is the difference between geodetic surveying and plane surveying?

Plain surveying means the survey in which earth surface is considered as to be flat or plain i.e. its curvature is ignored. Geodetic survey is the survey in which curvature of the earth is taken into count and then surveying is done.

How many non collinear points are needed to create a plane?

To create a plane, infinitely many. But to uniquely define one, 3 are enough.

What is the flape on the plane and how do they help the plane?

the flaps on a plane increase drag and they create lift so the piolt can fly the plane at a lower speed.

Which parts of the plane create lift?

The wings and horizontal tail surfaces create lift.

How does the jet on a jet plane makes the plane move?

The exhaust gases from combustion create thrust which pushed the plane in the other direction

What is the set of all points on a plane?

It is a surface with zero curvature. It is 2-dimensional and in those two dimensions it extends infinitely far.It is a surface with zero curvature. It is 2-dimensional and in those two dimensions it extends infinitely far.It is a surface with zero curvature. It is 2-dimensional and in those two dimensions it extends infinitely far.It is a surface with zero curvature. It is 2-dimensional and in those two dimensions it extends infinitely far.

Why is the sum of the angles of spherical triangles always larger than the sum of the angles of plane triangles?

Because, to allow for the curvature of the spherical surface, each angle must be slightly larger than its plane-surface equivalent.

When a pilot flies a long distance flight - does the pilot have to descend the plane mid-flight to match the curvature of the Earth?

No. Level flight for an aircraft is not flight in a straight line (vertically) but one that follows the curvature of the earth. It is an arc that maintains the same altitude.

Why is the focal length of a plane mirror infinity?

In a plane mirror, the radius of curvature is infinitly long, so the focus will be at infinity. Another way to say it is that a plane mirror has no curvature, and as curvature becomes increasingly small, focal length becomes increasingly long. At a curvature of zero, focal length becomes infinite. Focal length(f) is given by f=R/2 where R is radius of curvature.. Once again, it's infinity! See answer to your question on radius of curvature. Plug infinity (radius of curvature) into your mirror equation to get the focal length, which will also be infinite. A flat mirror does not focus incoming parallel beams. That's because if you say its at infinity it means it does exist in a finite distance, that is instead of saying it does exist its taken at infinite distance for only theoretical importance and not for practical observance. Focal length is half of radius of curvature of the mirror. So bigger the circle gets the more its radius will be. So in the same way as the curvature of the sphere gets less and less its focal length increases, so when it becomes totally flat the focal length will become infinite so it means it has no existence but it has only theoretical importance. It same as taking the formation of image of an object at principal focus to be at infinite distance rather than saying it does not form ( that is both mean the same). hope my answer is satisfactory

Are a plane and a point not on the plane always coplanar?

No. In order to be coplanar, points have to be in the line.

Is the world flat?

No Because if we were on a plane we wont fall of the earth cause the earth is round

Did the wright brothers create the airplane?

Yes, they built the plane them selves

Did euclid create the plane geometry?

Yes, he created it in 459 B.C.

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