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What part of plant does ginger come from?


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the ginger plant an i like it

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The part of the plant that ginger comes from is the rhizome or the underground stem of the plant. One medicinal use of ginger is for the treatment of nausea.

The ginger is the root of the plant.

The ginger is obtained from the rhizome of ginger plant.

It is the STEM of plant.

In rhizomes - i.e the 'root ginger' part of the ginger plant, and the 'potato' part of the potato plant. Howeve the potato is a tuber, not a rhizome.

Ginger is from the root of the ginger plant, much like potatoes, turnips, and other root plants.

Ginger is the underground root of the ginger plant. The best Ginger is the product of India. Second is China.

Stemanswer 2 No to the above. Ginger is the tuber (swolen root) of the plant Zingiber officinale.

The bulb of the ginger root can be planted again as it is like the seed of the plant.

Ginger plant is a flowering plant.

No, ginger is a plant, or part of a plant. It contains both acidic and basic components. The main component of the essential oil of ginger is zingiberene, which is a hydrocarbon; neither an acid nor an alkaline.

It depends. If the wild ginger your talking about is a spice, then yes. The spice ginger comes from a flower. But not red ginger also known as ginger flower or alpinia purpurata. Hmmm...well if you are talking about spice ginger, then it is a flowering plant. The ginger comes from the tuber which it grows underground. The ginger you see in the supermarket is called Jamaican ginger. The problem here is the word flower. a flower is only part of a plant but in common usage has become the word for flowering plant. In answer to the question I think, wild ginger is a plant that has flowers.

Ginger is a root of the Ginger plant

The beetroot, the part we eat and use, is actually the root of a plant. that's why it's called a beetroot. Sometimes, you can see the upper portion of the plant, but it's usually cut off. Ginger, potatoes, and radishes are other root vegetables.

Well there are actually two. Both species can reproduce from seed, ginger can also reproduce from rhizomes, and onions from bulbs

Yes, the ginger plant does have the leaves. The ginger we eat remains in ground. It the shoot of the plant with scaley leaves on ginger. The green leaves of ginger are normal above the ground and ginger, after its formation, lies below the ground.

A ginger plant stores food in its root.

a ginger plant has a altrenate leaf sistem

Yes, the leaf of the common or garden ginger plant [Zingiber officinale] may be eaten. In fact, every part of the plant can be eaten. The leaves may be used for flavoring. But most commonly it's what popularly is called the ginger root that's eaten.

It is the root, of the ginger plant.

it comes from one part plant to another

An ovary is the part of the plant an apple comes from.

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