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What is the past tense form of the verb in the sentence I think you are doing well

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Q: What part of speech is the word boy in the sentence boy you were sure tired?
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What part of speech is sure in the sentence That chicken sure smells good?

Sure is an adjective. :)

What part of speech is braggadocio?

Noun--however, many words have several possible parts of speech; please submit the Whole Sentence when asking for part of speech--cannot be sure without seeing how it is used in the sentence, as that's what determines the part of speech.

What part of speech is well in the sentence Well I am not sure about your question?

This is called a particle or sometimes an interjection.

What part of speech is the word snow in the sentence you expect snow this winter?

Pretty sure its the direct Object.

What part of speech is back?

In the sentence, "My back hurts," it is a noun. In the sentence, "Bring it back down here," I think it is an adverb, but I'm not sure.

What part of speech does bias play in this sentence The pattern cautioned that users be sure to choose a fabric with a marked bias?

Bias is a noun in that sentence.

What part of speech is before in this sentence Before we went inside we rapidly wiped our feet?

Not sure if it is preposition or adverb. What does it modify?

What part of speech is the word to in the following sentence you have meaningful application to apply it to?

Which to? The first to is a preposition. The last to is an adverb. (Are you sure that you didnt mean too?) Or to with an object?)

What part of speech is count?

i think this is the answer for sure :noun

What part of speech relates to nouns and pronouns?

preposition for sure

What is the part of speech for these?

i think it is a prepositional phrase but i am not 100% sure

What part of speech is th word hers?

im not sure

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