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Organelles called mitochondria generate energy.


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The cytoplasm generates energy for the cell.

The Mitochondria generates energy for a cell.

In animal cells, the organelle that provides energy for the cell is the mitochondria. In plant cells, this would be the chloroplast.

Energy is given by mitochondria. It generates energy through respiration.

Mitochondria generates most of the cell's energy in form of ATP.

It takes the sunlight and generates it into energy for the cell.

It carries out respiration.It generates energy in cell.

It generates the energy for cell.It is the power house of cell.

It generates energy through respiration.It is same in every cell.

It conducts aerobic respiration.It generates energy for cell.

Ribosomes are where proteins are made in a cell. Mitochondria is what generates energy in a cell.

It is the power house of the cell.It generates the energy needed for cell.

They conduct aerobic respiration. They provide energy for cell

Mitochondria produce energy for cell. They do that by aerobic respiration

ATP is the enzyme that acts as the motor for the cell. ATP generates the energy currency of the cell.

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Any power generating thing.Mitochondria generates energy in cell.

It is the mitochondria. It generates energy through respiration.

Mitochondria releases energy in glucose.It generates energy through respiration

The Mitochondria is the cell part that releases energy.

In an electrolytic cell, electrical energy is used to bring about a non spontaneous reaction. In a voltaic cell, a spontaneous reaction generates electrical energy.

The mitochondria is often called the powerhouse of the cell because it generates the majority of the cell's useable energy.

The organell is mitochondria.It generates energy through respiration using a substrate.

Because it generates energy for the cells to function.

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