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The region in the south pacific is one. The equatorial region

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Q: What part of the world is not cold?
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What do we mean by biome?

it means a part of the world that is cold,or warm

Why is it cold in the winter?

The part of the world you are living in is tilted away from the sun.

What part of the world was dominated by communism during the cold war?

Russia and China

Why did America and Vietnam have a war?

Part of the cold war; communism vs free world.

How do penguins survive in such a cold part of the world and in such a freezing cold climate especially in the winter?

they have layers of black and white feathers to keep them warm

What is the influence on Climates for the cold arctic air?

Because Arctic is not on the Equator and it is the coldest part of the world

What was the historic role of Vietnam in world events?

Well, it was part of the Cold War, and the rise/downfall of Communism.

Is the Death Valley desert hot or cold?

Death Valley is part of the Mojave Desert and is the hottest desert in the world.

Are deserts only found on the eastern part of the continent?

No the are found all over the world including cold places.

Which side of Berlin was free in World War 2?

In World War 2 there was no division of Berlin. In the Cold War, the 'free' part was West Berlin.

What did soviet union benefited from world war 2?

Part of Germany became theirs, along with a say on the world stage with the rise of the Cold War.

Is mostly cold what part of speech is cold?

Cold is an adjective in that context.