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Cranks is the motor turning over, But cranks and won't start means either you no fuel or no spark or both.

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Q: What part would I need if the car cranks but doesnt turn over?
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What is wrong when you have a new battery engine cranks but will not turn over?

Your question is confusing. If the engine cranks it is turning over.

Your 2003 base model Cavalier cranks but will not turn over it literally died when you were driving it and has not turned over since What could be wrong with it?

On one had you say it cranks and then you say it won't turn over. Which is it? If it cranks, then that means it IS turning over but just won't start. If it won't crank then it is NOT turning over. We need to know which it is to determine what may be causing this. Repost this with a better description of your situation

What would cause a 1993 E350 EFI that is running great then dies and then not crank over and fire up Fuel or electrical Almost like if the coil wire was off just cranks and cranks and cranks?

It is the ECC relay! It is the ECC relay!

My 2001 Chevy HD dies while drivinjust like someone turned it off. Times I get in and try to start it it won't strartit tries then I wait and it starts. Same after it dies on the road.Wait and start.?

When you attempt to start it it cranks and cranks but doesnt feel like its going to turn over? Get it started and tell the auto parts worker you need a pickup coil.

Diesel engine will not kick over but plenty of battery power?

if it wont crank the the starter is probally out but if it cranks and the motor doesnt turn either the belt is to loose or the engine is locked up

1984 Nissan 300zx turbo but my headlights breaks light interior lights wont turn on and now the car just cranks over but doesnt turn on?

Check all the fuses.

You were driving and suddenly your 96 Tahoe died It would not restart Lights radio still working When you tried to restart it cranks but would not turn over what could be the problem?

No you were driving and it quit.and if it cranks it is turning over. check for spark at the spark plugs and also for fuel pressure at the injector rail.

Bmw1996 528 cranks over but not starting?

Fuel? spark?

Vehicle cranks but won't turn over.?

check battery

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