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Watches never contain diamonds (except possibly as nonfunctional external decoration).

Mechanical watches with "jeweled bearings" use either rubies or sapphires for these bearings, not diamonds.

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Q: What parts of a watch are Diamonds used for?
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There are a number of Philip Stein watches that are made with diamonds. The most popular Philip Stein watch that has diamonds is the Diamond-Bezel limited edition Oprah watch.

How many diamonds are set in the bezel of this Gucci women's watch?

Nearly 34 diamonds are set in the Gucci women's watch

What is the highest carrot diamond watch?

Generally, 10 to 13 carat diamonds are the highest used in watches.

What is a non pave watch?

A non-pave watch is a watch that has diamonds on it, either on the face or bezel, as opposed to a pave watch that has diamonds closely set together in metal around the entire bezel.

What is a cocktail watch?

a watch that can be worn day time and in the evenings, usually with diamonds on it.

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What does 12 ct means on a diamond watch?

CT stands for carat. That means the watch contains 12 carats of diamonds with no indication of the number of diamonds, their clarity, colour or cut.

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Where could one purchase antique pocket watch parts?

You can purchase Antique Pocket Watch parts from the Dave's Watch Parts Website or the NH Watch Parts Website. You can also sell Antique Pocket Watch Parts to these websites.

Are diamonds in a watch girly?

Inside a mechanical type watch they are used as a bearing surface. Externally as decoration and might be considered ostentatious by some. It would depend on the design and the viewer as to whether they are 'girly'.