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The Bill of Rights

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The constitution is based on what four documents?

The constitution is based on The Magna Carta, The English Bill of Rights, The Magna Carta, and The Mayflower Compact.

What is a difference between the US Constitution and the Magna Carta?

Answer this question… The United States Constitution was influenced by the Enlightenment, while the Magna Carta was not.

How did feudalism contribute to western civilization?

It caused the magna carta, and without the magna carta there might not have been a constitution.

What are the most important parts of the magna carta?

the most important part of the magna carta is freedom of religion for all

Did the Magna Carta increase power of the English kings?

the Magna Carta was the constitution that ensured rights and liberties, and limited the power of the king. Hope it helps, but if not just research Magna Carta on Google :))

Is the law of the Magna Carta still relevant today?

Yes, parts of Magna Carta still have legal status.See the Related Link as it mentions about Magna Carta and present day.

What is the relationship between England's Magna Carta and the US constitution?

It limits the power of the government and give people power. the Magna Carta was so powerful that some of it was used in the constitution.

What has the author Faith Thompson written?

Faith Thompson has written: 'Magna carta; its role in the making of the English Constitution, 1300-1629' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Magna Carta 'The first century of Magna carta' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Magna Carta

Influences that came from the magna carta to the us constitution?

the magna carta is written guarmtees of the rigths of certian citzens. it establish individual rights.

How did the Magna Carta influence colonial government?

The Magna Carta influenced the colonial government by causing them to make rules in favor of rights for the people and restrictions of government power. Many ideas from the Magna Carta were incorporated in the Constitution.

How did the Magna Carta English Bill of Rights and the Petition of Rights influence the writers of the Constitution?

The Magna Carta influenced the writers of the constitution because it took power from the king and gave some to the nobels.

How long did magna carta last?


What is the difference between the Constitution and the Magna Carta?

Magna Carta, issued in 1215, was presented by the barons to King John, who was forced to sign the document. The Constitution is unwritten, but made up of various laws and documents, including the common law and the Magna Carta. HOWEVER, the Constitution of 1787, in the United States of America is written. Please see the related link following.

How did the magna carta influence farmers?

The Magna Carta is reflected in the Bill of Rights at the beginning of the Constitution. The document guarantees the right to life, liberty, as well as due process. The Magna Carta laid the foundation for what would become English Common Law.

Is the magna carta the oldest document in english history?

The Magna Carta is not necessarily the oldest document in history. It is however, the oldest document that resembles the United States constitution.

What was the significance of magna carta?

the Magna Carta helped shape the bill of rights,constitution,the amendments,declaration of independence etc. it influenced the type of government all nations have.

What two documents influenced the US Constitution?

the magna carta and the mayflower compact

What british documents influenced the constitution?

The Magna Carta and The English Bill of Rights

What were facts about the Magna Carta?

There are many facts about the Magna Carta including that Carta can be spelled Charta. The Magna Carta also contains 63 chapters.

Was the magna carta good or bad?

The Magna carta was good

When was the Magna Carta formed?

the magna carta was formed in1215

Is the Magna Carta a law or treaty?

The Magna Carta is a treaty.

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