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The Monroe Doctrine affected south, Central America. Also it made it so any European nations could not settle in the Americas but European immigrants could move to the Americas.

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Q: What parts of the world did the Monroe doctrine affect?
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Was the Monroe doctrine written before World War 2?

Yes , the Monroe Doctrine was a policy of the United States introduced on December 2, 1823 .

In which area of the world has the us become involved militarily because of the Monroe doctrine?

The US is involved in Latin America militarily because of the Monroe doctrine.

What tells Europe to stay in their own half of the world?

Monroe doctrine

Do you think the Monroe Doctrine is of any value in today's world?

Yes, it is.

How did the Monroe Doctrine help establish the US as a major world power?

The Monroe Doctrine reflected growing U.S. power by establishing its sphere of influence.

Why did the Old World powers obey the Monroe Doctrine?

The Old World powers obeyed the Monroe Doctrine because Great Britain supported in and protected Latin America with their Navy. America did not yet have a formidable military.

Why did President Monroe believe it was necessary to create Monroe doctrine?

Monroe wanted to signify a clear break between the New World and the autocratic realm of Europe.

The Monroe Doctrine warned foreign powers not to interfere with events in which part of the world?

the americas

Why was US concerned about European countries regaining their colonies during Monroe Doctrine?

The US was concerned about the European countries regaining their colonies during the Monroe Doctrine because they don't want to be dethroned as the world's superpower.

What did president James Monroe declare in the Monroe doctrine?

James Monroe issued the "Monroe Doctrine" in 1823. The Doctrine held that any former colony in the Western Hemisphere that had declared independence and successfully became independant (through either war or treaty) would not be re-colonized by the same or a different European power. Although the young United States was in no position to defend this declaration, the British agreed with the sentiment and argued that their navy, the strongest in the world at the time, would defend the Monroe Doctrine.

Did the Monroe Doctrine's effectiveness in preventing the restoration of Spain's colonies depend upon British naval supremacy?

Yes. The British were the only world power with a navy of significant enough strength to enforce the Monroe Doctrine. If the US tried to enforce the Monroe Doctrine, the Spanish fleet would have easily crushed the nascent US Navy.

What was the 1823 Monroe doctrine?

It was about that no Europeans or other people from around the world would settle or battle in the U.S.A.