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Mainland Greece is on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. Known also as the Peninsula of Haemus.

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Q: What peninsula is Greece on?
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Related questions

What is the largest peninsula in Greece?

Peloponnesus is the largest peninsula in Greece.

What peninsula is Greece and Albania located on?

Greece and Albania are on the Balkan Peninsula.

Is Greece and island or a peninsula?


What is the peninsula of Greece?

Balkan Peninsula

On which peninsula is Greece located?

Balkan peninsula

Why is Greece called a peninsula?

greece is called a peninsula because it sticks out of europe in to a body of water. this is a lot like florida which is also a peninsula

Greece is a peninsula that has a southern peninsula called?


What penisula is greece on?

The Balkan Peninsula. The Balkan Peninsula.

What peninsula is located east of Greece?

iberian peninsula

What type of land is Greece?

Greece's mainland is a peninsula.

What peninsula is Greece located on?

Greece is part of the larger BALKAN PENINSULA.

What is the name of the peninsula that forms the southern part of Greece?

The peninsula in the south of Greece is called the PELEPONNESUS.

Examples of peninsulas in Greece?

Attica, the smaller peninsula in the Peloponnese in southern Greece and the Chalkidiki peninsula in Macedonia, northern Greece

What is a country in western Europe that is in peninsula?

Denmark, Italy, and Greece occupy full peninsulas. Denmark occupies the Jutland Peninsula, Italy occupies the Apennine, or Italian, peninsula, and Greece occupies the Greek Peninsula.

Ancient Greece is what type of landform?

Ancient Greece is a peninsula.

Which peninsula is Greece located on?

it is located on the back side of Greece.

What are the names of the deserts in Greece?

there are no deserts in Greece because it is a peninsula.

What peninsula is Athens Greece located on?

Athens is located on the peninsula of Attica.

Is Greece located on Peninsula island or the Main islands?

peninsula da !

What is Greece's largest pennisula?

The largest peninsula in Greece is Peloponnesus. That is what i know

Why is Greece peninsula?

Greece is a body of land that has water on its 3 sides.

What was Peloponesus in Ancient Greece?

The Peloponesus was (and is today) a peninsula and region of Greece.

The large peninsula which is linked to the mainland of Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth is the?

Peloponnese peninsula

What is the peninsula of southern Greece?


What type of landform is Greece?

A peninsula