What people or things were important for the starting and spreading of your religion?

I am a nondenominational Christian. First let me clarify nondenominational Christians are not part of the Catholic or Protestant churches. We are Christians who don't believe in separating our faith by catigories which inevidabily create rifts in a faith. Now most people know Christianity was founded by Jesus of Nazereth who was born 2,007 years ago. Jesus of Nazereth, also known as Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, the Messiah, son of God, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, just to name a few. Now, the prophets (Jesus' 12 disciples, excluding Judas) were very influential in its spread but there was also Saul who after converting became Paul. He spread much of the faith to the Gentiles (non-Jews). There were also many a individuals who after hearing the gospel, good news, (the teachings of Christanity) began to spread the word and though for centuries the faith remained under ground the matyrs (believers who died for their faith) spread the word. Prehaps the most important event that happened in the spread of Christianity was when influenced by a victory won in the name of Christianity (battle that was fought and while having the Christian symbol on shields of warriors the Roman Emperor won), the faith was made not only legal but the offical religion of Roman.