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Why is marijuana unhealthy for healthy people and good for people with medical problems?

One might argue that smoking marijuana is bad for your lungs, since smoking anything is bad for your lungs. As for marijuana specifically, there is no scientific evidence that using the drug is bad for one's health.

Why is smoking haram?

Answer 1Smoking is not haram. It is, however, bad as it stinks the mouth and it gives bad smell.Answer 2There are divergent opinions on this issue. There are those who argue (like Answer 1) that smoking is not actually forbidden, even though it has strong negative side effects. There are also those that argue that the body is gift from God and, therefore, anything intentionally deleterious to your body, like smoking is, is forbidden.

Why do people have to argue?

People have to argue to defend their values and belief systems, which are developed as they grow and mature.

How can smoking be changed?

if people stop smoking then smoking can be changed

Do more people die from secondhand smoking or from smoking?


Why does your boyfriend argue with you then with the people who cause us problems?

There are two interpretations of your question: 1. Why does my boyfriend argue with me first and then argue with the people who cause us problems? 2. Why does my boyfriend argue with me rather than with the people who cause us problems? Which is it?

Why do people like to argue excessively?

People argue to prove that they are right. This might be due to the ego of the person.

What is the noun form of argue?

Argument. People who "argue" can be said to be having an "argument".

How many people die because of smoking?

45,000 people because of smoking

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cigarettes?

There are no advantages to cigarettes. But, those who smoke might argue that smoking helps to reduce stress.

How many people die from smoking each year?

45,00 people die from smoking and second hand smoking in each year.

What are smoking weeds?

There's no such thing as smoking weeds. But people refer to smoking the marihuana plant as smoking weed.

What does smoking do too people around you?

smoking harms other people aswell as yourself.

What is the percentage of people that quit smoking on their own?

35% of people quit smoking by themselves.

Does smoking weed help with depression?

There is no consensus on this subject. Some medical experts argue that marijuana can be used to treat depression, while others argue that it can worsen depression. More research needs to be conducted.

How many people die from smoking a day?

I would say around 7 people die of smoking a day, so that is 1,176 people die of smoking a week!!

Why do people argue at work?


How many people get ill from smoking?

stop smoking, or EVERYONE WILL!

When did they find out that smoking is bad for you?

when did people find out that smoking was bad for you

Who does smoking affect?

Smoking affect the person smoking and the other things and people around them. Smoking is not only a hazard to the person that is doing the smoking but it is also hazardous to the people and things around because of the chemicals that it puts off which is called second hand smoking.

Why should government not ban smoking?

Well, some might argue it is not the government's place to ban smoking, that it would violate the right to do what we want within limits. Another argument is banning smoking would have a negative effect on the economy-- tobacco companies are huge.

How many people die from smoking a month?

12,000 people die from smoking each month!

Can people get a deadly disease from smoking?

Yes smoking causes a number of diseases and kills people.

Why are there arguments about climate change?

There are arguments about climate change because some people do not believe in science or in scientific findings. For a long time there were people who believed the world was flat. For a long time there were people who argued that smoking cigarettes had nothing to do with lung cancer. These are the kind of people who argue about climate change.

What is the purpose of technical drawing in engineering?

to provide specific message to specific people. e.g no smoking sign, restrict smoking people from smoking in that area.

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