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In most cases, a new car salesman makes about 20Êto 25% of the price of the car. This rate may increase as they advance in sales experience.Ê

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What is commission for a new car salesman?

New car salesmen usually only make $200 per sale. It varies from dealership to dealership. Car values also play into the commission. A BMW salesman will make more than a Honda salesman.

How much money do a car salesman make a yearwhen selling new cars?

work for one and see... What a stupid question......

Can a car salesman sell you a car as new but its actually slightly used?

Only if the car is a Dealer demo driven by the staff. Then the car is still technically a new car.

What is required be become a car salesman?

There are no real qualifications to become a car salesman. Drive, attitude, work ethic and enthusiasm are all qualities that most dealerships look for when looking to hire new salespersons.

How much money does a car salesman earn?

I posted a website URL for the governments Occupational Outlook Handbook. In it you can find everything you want to know about a given job or career including earnings, check it out. Most new car salesmen depending on experience make between 30,000 and 45,000 their first year. If you're not a good salesman or have no experience, as a professional salesman I recommend you get some before you try to sell cars.

Who sold the most cars in one day?

Andrew Hawes, New Car Salesman, York, Stoneacre Ford

How do you do Percent of change?

percent of increase-new-original over originalthen make the decimal a percent of increasepercent of decrease-original-new over originalthen make the decimal a percent of decrease

How much money does a car salesman make a year?

AnswerThat depends on whether he is a new/ prior owned car salesman. Even then, that depends on how many cars are sold, which only he and his boss would know, unless there are some really nosey people!ANSWERA good car salesman can make anywhere between 20K per year to over 100K per year. (I'm speaking from experience) . From my experience, it's better to work at a large new car dealership, because they sell both new and used, giving you greater potential. Also because they tend to have more "traffic" or customers coming in and out because they usually have a service department. In addition if you're good at your job, you have more potential of moving up into management.....where the real money is.

What is the yonkers Of the death of a salesman?

Yonkers is a city in New York in the death of a salesman.

How much does it cost to register a car in ct?

The registration fee for a new car in the state of Connecticut is six percent of the new car price. The registration fee for an out of state car is $15.

What are the release dates for The New Salesman - 1916?

The New Salesman - 1916 was released on: USA: 14 November 1916

Who influences 80 percent of new car buying decisions?


Car salesman pay scale?

Commission only. Usually about 20-30% of the dealers gross profit on a deal after "pack". Often subject to a minimum per car. For new salesman, there is often a draw against commission but if after a few weeks you are not earning more than your draw, you will be let go.

A car salesman takes a new job that pays the same salary as his former job selling cars at another dealership The salesman took the job because he will only have to drive one mile to work instead of?

horizontal mobility

How much can a new car warranty cost?

A new car warranty can cost up to $3000 depending on the make of the car but one sees this as an average for a new car - a used car would be slightly cheaper but again depending on the make and style of the car

What is the sales tax on a new car in pinellas county Florida?

Seven percent.

Why do you need car desighners?

to make new car desighns

Can you give me some tips on buying a new car?

When buying a car remember these: 1.Your in control- If you happen to find a car that you absolutely love and really want, do not let the salesman try to bribe you out of it. 2.The salesman is only in it for the money- He'll suggest more expensive cars claiming to better than what you want- Don't fall for it.Most of the times its not.

What is the citation for Death Of a Salesman?

Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. New York: Penguin Books, 1986.

Is it true that a new car loses value the minutes you drive it off the lot?

Yes, a new car immediately loses value as soon you drive it off the showroom floor. In the first year that you own a new car it will lose up to 20 percent of its value, and by the fifth year of ownership, it will be depreciated by over 65 percent. It's a horrible purchase to buy a new car.

How expensive is a new starter for your car?

Year of car? Make of Car? Engine size?

What percentage of new car buyers are going for hybrid cars?

About 15 percent of new cars purchased are hybrids.

You bought a new car for 1428900 It depreciated by 20 percent during the first year and 10 percent the second year How much is the car worth at the end of the two years?

10288.08 (A+)

You bought a new car for 14289.00 It depreciated by 20 percent during the first year and 10 percent the second year How much is the car worth at the end of the two years?

10288.08 (A+)

What is the NC sales tax for a new car bought in Henderson County?

Three percent.

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