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It depends in who u r talking to some people are good listeners others aren't simple as tha.


I don't know the exact percentage but it is a really low percentage because most people are more interested in talking than listening.

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On average, people spend about 45% of communication time listening. This makes listening the most used form of communication.

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Q: What percent of communication is spent listening?
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What percentage of your communication time is spent listening?


Which communication activities do people spend the greatest percent of their day?


How many hours did Monica spend listening to Brahms if she spent 5.8 listening to Beethoven and Brahms and 1.8 hours was spent listening to Beethoven?

She spent 5.8 hours total and 1.8 hours of that time was spent listening to Brahms. To find how long she spent listening to Beethoven, subtract 1.8 from 5.8. 5.8 - 1.8 = 4.0. She spent 4 hours listening to Beethoven.

What is oral communication in the communication?

Listening is the weakest link in oral communication

What has the author Diane Bone written?

Diane Bone has written: 'The business of listening' -- subject(s): Communication in management, Interpersonal communication, Listening, Oral communication, Oral communications 'The Business of Listening (The Fifty-minute Series)'

Which of these is a general communication barrier is it poor listening bad manners listening between the lines or improper note taking.?

Poor listening is a general communication barrier that can hinder effective communication. It refers to not paying attention, being distracted, or not fully comprehending the message being conveyed. It can lead to misunderstandings, lack of clarity, and breakdowns in communication.

What is interactional listening?

Interactional listening is a communication skill focused on engaging with the speaker to show understanding and empathy. It involves responding appropriately to verbal and nonverbal cues to demonstrate active listening and support effective communication. This type of listening is important for building strong relationships and fostering effective communication.

How important is listening in oral communication?

It's essential. Communicating involves two people; and if one isn't listening, the communication is half-dead.

What is the act of secretly listening to or reading a private communication called?

The act of secretly listening to or reading a private communication is called eavesdropping.

What is the weakest link in oral communication?

Listening is the weakest link in oral communication

How to work thru communication problems?

Talking and listening communication promblems out is the best.

What is the process involved in communication?

listening and speaking.