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What percent of kids survive obesity?

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Out of all the kids declared obese or morbiddly obese if they resume their normal diet and continue to do nothing they are almost certain to have a culinary heart attack at some point. This can be fatal althought some people do survive, people who do survive a culinary heart attack are at grave risk of having another.

So in short if not sorted out, obesity will kill you!!!

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What is the percent of obesity for kids?

10 - 20%

Can kids die from obesity?

yes anyone can die from obesity

What obesity is and what causes it?

fat kids

What was the obesity rate in the US during the 1970s?

The obesity rate in the United States in the 1970s was about 14 percent. In 2000, it had risen to 29 percent. In 2012, the rate was 35 percent.

How many kids in the US have obesity?


What percent of obesity is due to genetic factors?


How does gym class help kids?

gym class helps kids stay in shape, stay healthy, build muscle, lose fat, and decrease obesity/the risk of obesity.

What percentage of kids could survive in the wilderness?

not many nowadays all the kids depend on technology to do everything for them . not many even bother to acnoledge the fact that there still is widerness out there. i read somewhere that only 15 percent of kids under the age of 15 could survive in the wilderness . that's sad

How many children in England die of obesity?

20 million kids die worldwide every year due to obesity

What is the percent of kids dropping out?

The percent of kids dropping out is 30

What percent does overeating cause obesity?

50% overeating 50% no exercise

How many kids have died of obesity?

18,000 have died in 2 yrs

What percent of kids wear uniforms to school?

50 percent of kids were uniforms.

What percent of children worldwide are obese?

16 to 33 percent of children in America are obese.[ the rate of childhood obesity in White and Asian children are dropping but the rate of childhood obesity in Black and Latino children are raising. ]

What percent of Australians are overweight?

In 2012, it was estimated that 63 percent of people living in Australia were either overweight or obese. The obesity rate was at 28 percent.

What percent of cancer deaths have been attributed to obesity in US adults?


What percent of kids watch violence on tv?

What percent of kids watch violence on tv

How much percent of people survive the surgeries?

99.9 dont survive

In Australia how many kids die each year of obesity?

2 and a half.

When did childhood obesity occur?

There have been fat kids since the dawn of humanity.

Are Americans fatter than British people?

According to statistics, obesity rates in the United States are much higher than they are in England. While obesity affects about 36 percent of Americans, it only affects about 25 percent of the British.

What is the percent of people survive out of hospital?

60% yes they do survive and 40% don't

What percent of people die of obesity each year?

2.8 million people a year

What percent of kids do drugs?

About 87% of kids do drugs

What is the reason for childhood obesity?

Because kids eat way to many fat cakes.