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meet mine at work 15 years of marrige 18 yrs as a couple and 4 kids ago....

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Q: What percent of people meet their spouse at work?
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What percentage of people meet their spouse at work?

15 percent

Where do the majority of people meet their spouse?


Can the spouse of a 100 percent disabled veteran who gets compensation work?

Yes, the veteran's disability does not affect the spouse's employment

When at work you Speak to people in a direct and candid manner ORTalk cheerfully to people you meet?

Talk cheerfully to people you meet

Where to meet new people?

You can meet new friends in public areas. You can also meet them in your work or study place.

What percent of people don't work out?

about 67% of Americans work out. 99% of Europeans work out.

What do 45 percent of people do at work?

45% of people are involved in literature

Is it ok for your spouse to meet woman he met on a chat line without tell you about it first?

no!!! that is not ok. He sould have told you about this unless they're just work friends. if you feel insecure about this then maybe you should ask to go along with your spouse.

Why do people spy on other people?

People spy on other people because they like to catch someone's spouse or there spouse in action! They like to see what they do when they are not around! so be careful watch your spouse at all times! The first thing a spouse will say is I have to work late: that either means they are not coming home until moring or they are going somewhere with someone else. So be truthful with your spouse!

What percent of people work in farming in Italy?


What percentage of married couples met at the office?

One third of couples who marry, meet online. Twenty two percent of those who did not meet online, met at work.

What percent of people work on farms in France?

33.4 percent of people farm in france follow me on instagram- misz_magzz

How many percent of people work in farms in Argentina?


Why you want to work at cruise ship?

See the world ,meet people

Can the spouse of a EU passport holder work in UK?

It is sometimes difficult for a spouse to work if he or she is on a spousal visa. It would be better to apply for a work permit in the UK.

Can a spouse be forced to leave her home and spouse legally?

Yes. For example, a restraining order against you by the other spouse will bar you from your home, your spouse's presence, your spouse's place of work, your kid's school, etc.

What do they do in Israel?

"They" do all of the same things that people do elsewhere, like go to work, marry a spouse, and love their families.

Is divorce the only answer if your marriage don't work anymore after spouse affair?

No, divorce is just a way out sometimes. It depends on how much remorse the cheating spouse has, and if both are willing to work towards making it work. If the spouse who didn't cheat hangs it over the others head, then it definitely wont work. If the spouse forgives the other, and looks to a brighter future then nothing is impossible!

What percent of people working in agriculture in Mexico?

13.7% work in agriculture, 18% are in the work force, 23.4% work in industry, and 62.2% work in services.

How does club penguin work?

all u do is waddle around and meet new people!!

Name a place where many people meet their future spouse?

Family Feud answers:BarSchoolWorkChurchInternet

What percent of a company do you have if you created it and put the money into it?

It depends on how many people work for it.

What percentage of African-American people were out of work during the Depression?

About fifty percent were out of work during the great depression.

What is of people who work in primary idustries in Poland?

The economy of Poland is dominated by the service sector, which employs about 57 percent of the labor force. Thirty percent of Polish workers are in industrial jobs, and around 13 percent work in agriculture.

How do you work out 3 percent?

Work out one percent, then multiply the answer by three

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