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3 of the 8 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are smaller than Earth.

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50% (including Pluto)37.5% (not including Pluto)

No, Pluto is smaller than the 8 major planets. There are other dwarf planets smaller than Pluto.

37.5% not including PlutoFirst Answer:50% including Pluto.Second Answer:Of the eight planets in our solar system, three are smaller than earth. 3/8 = 38%.However, we also know (to date) of more than a thousand other planets, orbiting distant stars. None of these planets so far is smaller than earth, but that it because planets as tiny as ours are difficult to detect. We expect probably half of all planets would be our size or smaller.

There are 8 planets not including Pluto and 9 including Pluto.

Pluto is smaller than all of the planets.

Pluto is a dwarf planet that usually orbits beyond neptune yes,Pluto is smaller than the 8 planets

Including Pluto as a planet, there are nine.

No, this is not true.The dwarf planet Pluto is smaller than all of the major planets in our solar system, including Mercury.

Yes Pluto is different than the outer planets in the following ways:Pluto has not cleared its orbit of asteroids and debrisPluto is not made of gasPluto is far smaller than any of the outer planets

It is a dwarf planet. It is smaller than the other planets.

Of the 8 planets there are no planets that we know of. But of the 9 planets it's Pluto if you still include Pluto as a planet. Of, course there are many planets that we don't know of. Pluto is considered a dwarf planet. For more on dwarf planets, planets, Mercuary, Pluto, the Solar System, and more visit the links under the answer.

we have 9 planets to my knowledge. including pluto

There are 9 planets, including Pluto

Pluto is a dwarf planet. It is smaller than the other planets. It also has a very irregular orbit.

Mercury is the smallest of the eight official planets, then there are dwarf planets that are smaller.

It is much smaller than the eight planets of the solar system. It is called a dwarf planet. Pluto's diameter is 2,390 kilometer. Compared to the Earth's diameter, Pluto's diameter is 18 percent of this diameter. Likewise, Pluto is smaller in size than the Earth's moon.

Of the 8 major planets, Venus is third smallest, after Mercury and Mars. All of the dwarf planets, including Pluto, are also smaller than Venus.

Like the inner planets, Pluto has a solid surface and is much smaller than the outer giant planets.

There are 8 planets in our solar system, and several dwarf planets including Pluto in the Kuiper Belt.

Pluto and Eris are both smaller and farther away than any of the planets and are much smaller than the farthest planet from the sun, Neptune.

The planets that are smaller than Venus are: Jupiter, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn. Pluto is no longer on the list

The smaller inner planets (closer to the sun) is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. And the most outter planet(farther out in space) is Pluto. But that's if you still believe that Pluto is still a planet. in which my case, it is.

There are other dwarf planets. So far there are 5 known dwarf planets (including Pluto), but probably more will be discovered.

Pluto is much smaller than any of the 8 planets of our solar system.

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