What percentage of all scientists who have ever lived are alive today?

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About 90%. The reason that the number is so high is that while people were discovering things via some method that resembled the scientific method, "scientist" was not an occupation. Science was pretty much invented by Sir Isaac Newton and the number of scientists has exploded and increased exponentially since this time, hence the large percentage of scientists alive today.
For a full analysis of this question, including research on the number of PhD's granted in major countries since 1900, see Eric Gastfriend's work on the Future of Life Institute's blog. He concludes that around 80-90% is probably correct.
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Are more people living today than have ever lived and died?

If there were more spirits of people past - living on the other side, and these numbers being the majority, will help to turn us inside out, so to speak, and balance the material with the spiritual, creating a new vision of life, death, and the power of both.

Who is the oldest person alive now and has ever lived?

As of 02/02/2013 it's Japan's Jiroemon Kimura at 115 years, born April 19th, 1897. It should be at least mentioned (since he was mentioned in previous answers), there was Nasir Al Hazry from the United Arab Emirates, who (in 2008) claimed to be 135 years old, but apparently there were no birth re ( Full Answer )

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As of 2014, there are no five star generals alive in the UnitedStates. The last five star officer was Omar Bradley. He died in1981.

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All living things have always changed and adapted or else they would be extinct. Animals learn to adapt to environment and climate changes and plants adapt in similar ways.

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The oldest documented,verified living person was Jeanne-Louise Calment,of France.When she died on August 4,1997 she was age: 122 years,164 days.At the age of 114 years was in a film called 'Vincent and Me', portraying herself.Was the oldest person in the film.

What scientists are still alive?

Thousands are alive. Look at NASA and all the other labs and research facilities. Schools are filled with them.

How many people born in 1943 are still alive today - numbers plus percentage .?

This is very difficult to answer, since not every state keeps recent mortality records. But a person born in 1943 would be 70 years old today, and most Americans are living well into their 70s: the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says the average American today lives until age 78, in fact. You may ( Full Answer )

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This is a type of question that does not have an absollute answer since an answer can not be documented. Instead it is answered by personal opinion. I would say that if Einstein came back to life, he would have regretted that his last words were never known since he stated them in Germany and the nu ( Full Answer )

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What percentage of all life on earth is alive now?

thanks to modern methologicismal science, all scientists around the world are proud to say they have an extremely accurate number. Off course, the earthquake of haiti, and the ever-growing numbers of dead people ( though campared to the whole human population, is only a small fraction ) effected thi ( Full Answer )

A list of alive atomic scientists?

Greek era. Democritus . "byconvention bitter, by convention sweet, but in reality atoms andvoid". 1704. Isaac Newton . Proposed a mechanical universe with small solid masses inmotion.. 1803. John Dalton . Proposed an "atomic theory" with spherical solid atoms based uponmeasurable properties ( Full Answer )

Are all the members of boni jovi alive today in 2010?

Bon* jovi Jon, Richie, David and Tico are all living. there is a replacement bassist, Hugh who is part of the band in practice, but not in name, who is also alive. Previous bassist, alec, is still alive.

What percentage of Jews live in Israel today?

There are around about 40% of all Jews living in Israel right now, according to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics population report for 24th April 2007

How do scientist group all living things?

by making a dichotomos key. it goes like this: (key) (house cat) (human) Kingdom Anamalia Anamalia Phylum Chordata Chordata Class Mammilia Mammilia Order Carnivora Primates Genus Felidae Hominidae Family Felis Homo Species Catus Sapiens

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virus is an obligate parasite ,means that it has both the living and non-living character.it is mostly dead but when it enters a host cell, it starts generating and becomes alive...When its dead, it is kept safe and used as a chemical.

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Yes in the long run, but the steak and potatoes I had for dinner were alive fairly recently. In the distant past, they were components generated some time after the Big Bang, and more recently as part of stars or supernovae.

Who is the greatest foreign scientist ever live?

Whether he was foreign or not depends upon a condition irrelevant to the real question. (nationality) In recent times, a large number of scientists were asked who was the most influential person ever to have lived, and after Jesus and Muhammad, came Isaac Newton, ahead of Albert Einstein.

What can fossils tell scientists about animals alive today?

Fossils mainly give an idea of the skeletal system of an extinct animal but well preserved ones can also have traces of the intestine and other organs.Depending on the body type we can then ascertain how it used to eat run and attack etc.

How many people living today were alive when the cubs won the world series?

Without having the 2010 U.S. Census figures, and not having the breakdown of how many people are at least 102 years old, that is a tough question to give an accurate answer to. However ... The Cubs last won the World Series in October, 1908 or 102 years ago. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated ( Full Answer )

Why are the Jews still alive today from all that killing?

its not why its how- our G-d of Israel (one G-d of all- Hashem) is keeping us alive; He(G-d the Father of Israel and the Isrealites or Jews) is keeping His children (His students who indulge themselves into the beauty and goodness of Torah of demolishing evil from the universe) alive to indulge thei ( Full Answer )

Why scientists say viruses are not alive?

Viruses are not an organism at all. They are not alive. They are nonliving. They are like cockle burrs that "grab" hold of your clothing or a dogs coat. They are hijackers. Once they get attached to the cell of a living cell, they can take it over and "make" the living cell produce virus particles i ( Full Answer )

What is the name of greatest scientist who ever lived?

There are many, but a one is Albert Einstein. To pick one scientist as the greatest is really impossible. Each one of the greatest has contributed allot to society. Some would say Marie Curie was the greatest. Others would say Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Bohr, Edison, Maxwell, Faraday, Galileo, or Ar ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people who are 70 years old today will live to be 78?

It seems from a 2001 document titled The 65 Years and Over Population: 2000 from the US governmentcensus bureau that a quick top of the head figure seems that about75% will still be alive. This is my quick estimate as an answer tomy own question. Do any of the experts here have a better estimate? I ( Full Answer )

How do scientists know Utahraptor ever lived?

Because they found fossils of a dinosaur that once lived in thearea of modern Utah, and named that dinosaur "Utahraptor". In other words: the dinosaur lived, died, left fossils, thescientists found and studied the fossils, and named the dinosaur"Utahraptor".