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What percentage of calories should be sugar grams from fruit?


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2005-12-31 03:19:29
2005-12-31 03:19:29

Honestly, none. Sugar from fruit isn't bad but it isn't better than other sugar either. When you eat an apple you are weighing the obvious benefits of vitamins, minerals, fiber and great taste against the sugary-ness. Vitamins, minerals and fiber from the foods you eat, especially fresh, raw fruits and veggie are better absorbed and work better for your body than pills. So, try to eat your colors in mostly veggies and try to make each piece of fruit count. Find ones that are packed full of nutritious goodness and really enjoy 'em. Make sure the majority of your carbs in a day come from whole grains but don't skip the fruits because of the sugars. It is better to eat a full daily requirement of each vitamin than to take a pill, tastier too.


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In 250 grams fruit cake, you will get 800 calories. To get high calories in short time fruitcakes are really awesome.

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There are about 37 calories per 100 grams of Pomelo.

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3.219 calories per gram example 132 grams of fruit is 41 cal.

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you should have no more that 50-60 grams a day, depending on the calorie intake 50 grams for 1,500 calories a day 60 grams for 1,800 calories a day

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