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Depends upon where you are and what the weather and fuel conditions are.

For example, in the southwestern part of the USA, an average of 60 to 70 percent of the wildfires are started by lightning.

However, as a global average, only about 8 percent of the wildfires are caused by natural events.


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what is the percentage of forest fires set by kids and pyromaniacts

About 3000 brush fires per year are started by lightning strikes.

seventy percent of all forest fires are started by lightning. Carelessness causes starts some of them, and occasionally arson (some of the most devastating fires in California the last few years have...

Obviously natural forest fires are caused by a natural force, such as lightning. Human made forest fires are caused by something man-made.

About 3,000 fires a year are started by lightning strikes.

Some forest fires have been known to be caused by lightning.

In Coal seams depp underground, these fires are started by lightning and can burn for many years, often fkaring up and causing forest fires

Seventy percent of all forest fires are started by lightning. Carelessness causes starts some of them, and occasionally arson (some of the most devastating fires in California the last few years have been determined to have been started by arson).

Forest fires can be caused by a lightning strike, by sunlight being magnified by a broken bottle, or deliberately by an arsonist (a person who criminally lights fires).

Thousands of fires are caused by lightning every day. Most of them burn themselves out naturally.

forest fires usually occur inthe hottest season because of lightning sometimes occur and the sun's heat onthe dried grass and leaves

Most often they are started by lightning.

lightning but you cant provent it it comes naturally brooke you cant controll lightning

yes it can cause fires because lighting finds the quickest route to the ground

there are at least 400 fires started by careless smokers each year.

Most commonly? In nature, that would have to be lightning. Smokey the Bear has been telling us for years about how sloppy campers can cause forest fires, and he's right, but 70% of forest fires are ignited by lightning.

Cloud-to-ground lightning naturally starts hundreds of forest fires every day.

He doesn't. Smokey is concerned only with fires caused by human carelessness.

William G. Morris has written: 'Lightning storms and fires on the national forests of Oregon and Washington' -- subject(s): Forest fires, Lightning

3000 bush fires are made by lightning per year

More buildings would be destroyed by fires started by lightning

Lightning strikes are the Number Two cause of forest fires. Human error is Number One. At one time, it was thought that forest fires are ONLY detrimental. That theory has evolved to reveal that forest fires clear out the underbrush & fertilize the forest floor so that the big trees like Redwoods, Bristlecone Pines, Junipers, Pinyons and other conifers may flourish.

Several probable ways are: forest fires can be started deliberately by arsonists, or by a lightning strike, or by sunlight shining through the thick bottom of a broken clear glass bottle, acting like a magnifying lens. It could also be started by sparks blown into the air from a nearby garden bonfire, or a controlled burn on farmland that gets out of hand.

A muck fire burns under the ground and is stirred up by lightning. THey cannot be put out, you cant see them, and they are not destructive. Forest fires take place in forests, and they burn down trees.

I heard that lightning is a common cause of forest fires.

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