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Q: What percentage of mail is lost by the US post office?
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Is there a way of finding mail that was lost in the post office?

Yes. There is a "lost mail" department.

What do you do if the post office loses your mail?

Fill out a lost mail report with your local Post Office; hopefully it was sent insured, registered, express mail, signature confirmation. Always keep your proof of mailing this will help expedite the return of your mail or to get you reimbursed.

Does mail move from post office to post office on Sundays?


How is mail processed in a post office?

How is Mail process

Where can you post mail in Perth Australia?

You take your mail/package to the nearest post office and then you can mail it.Common Sense.

What is the British English word for mail?

post office = royal mailmail = post or letters mailbox = letterbox to mail a letter = to post a letter

What do you do at the post office?

you get your mail and just go

Can you mail a handgun from post office?

no,you cant

How do you mail a letter?

you put a stamp on the letter, stick it in your mail box, or run up to the nearest post office, or stick it in the mail box outside the post office.

What happens if some else holds your mail and does not return it to the post office?

What happens if some else holds your mail and does not return it to the post office

What does correo means in spanish?

mail, as in getting mail from the post office.

How can you get the post office to mail your business flyer's?

You can visit the postal website via net and search your nearest post office and mail your business flyer's.

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