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The answer is probably none, primarily

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Q: What percentage of people in nova scotia primarily speak french?
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Why did people come to Nova Scotia?

The french came to Nova Scotia because the British government was not including the french in his/her ideas or laws.

What is the official language in Nova Scotia?

The official languages of Nova Scotia are English andFfrench. Most people speak English but due to large population of people of Scots-Irish descent some people speak Gaelic.

Where is Scotia bank primarily located?

Scotia bank is primarily located in Nova Scotia. It is one of the major banks in Canada. Scotia bank also operates in 55 other countries around the world.

Where was the first french settlements?

French were primarily fur traders in the Quebec area and the Nova Scotia area of what is now Canada. Migration to the Mississippi River around New Orleans from Nova Scotia Acadia region gives us the term Cajun. So I would say the river areas of the Great Lake and Louisiana are two areas occupied by the French.

How do you say sydney Nova Scotia in french?

"Sydney, Nova Scotia" would be correct ("Nova Scotia" is Latin and therefore does not strictly require a translation), but most people would say "Sydney, Nouvelle Ecosse".

How many people in Nova Scotia?

There is 873,199 people in Nova Scotia

What do people in Halifax speak?

People in Halifax, Nova Scotia, speak English as their primary language. However, there are also communities of French speakers in the region.

Which former french colony was Nova Scotia?


Who were the first settlers in Nova Scotia?

The first people to live in Nova Scotia were the Mi'kmaq.

A french fortress captured by new englanders?

Nova Scotia

What were French colonist called in Nova Scotia?

They were called the Acadians

What are the people called in Nova Scotia?

The people of Nova Scotia are called Nova Scotians. =D