What percentage of people read their horoscopes?

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about 70% of people read their horoscopes
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What is a horoscope?

A Horoscope is a person's Birth Chart or Natal Chart. The construction of the horoscope is based on the Ptolemaic system, in which the earth is stationary and the heavenly bodies move around it in fixed patterns. It divides the heavens into twelve sections, each ruled by a different sign of the zodi ( Full Answer )

What percentage of American adults can read?

Answer . Illiteracy in America is still growing at an alarming rate and that fact has not changed much since Rudolf Flesch wrote his best-selling expose of reading instruction in 1955. Illiteracy continues to be a critical problem, demanding enormous resources from local, state, and federal taxes ( Full Answer )

Why are there horoscopes?

Answer . A horoscope, in the traditional definition, is not what you see in a newspaper (or online) masquerading as astrology. Horoscope literally means "picture of the hour." It is a map of the solar system at a particularly moment in time, as seen from a particular place. Astrologers genera ( Full Answer )

How many people believe horoscopes?

I believe in horoscopes- my own, anyway. I just made one using my Tarot cards for June 26 2007- June 26 2008. It looks pretty good for my family- except for September..

What are horoscopes?

Every month or so has a star sign/horoscope. These signs are used to tell destiny ie. Aries will have a good day for romance with Aquarius or used to test relationships ie. Leo and Saggitarius make a good couple or something like that. They are named after the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The 12 signs ( Full Answer )

Can you have your horoscope?

U aren't going to have the best of luck today, i would watch your back. Chart of the hour.

Does reading horoscopes effect you?

A professor did a test a while ago. He gave each person in one of his classes their horoscpoe from the previous day and told them not to show anyone else. When asked if it was right, all of them said yes. He then revealed that he had given everyone the same horoscope regardless of their star sign. T ( Full Answer )

How do you read a horoscopic chart step by step and predict in vedic astrology?

1. Findout what are the planets in their firends house and what are in enemy's house. 2. Findout what are the planets that are in reverse. 3. Say the Lord of one house is another then the lord wants to behave own house nature in the house it resides. 4. Lord one house behind is doing harm and lor ( Full Answer )

What are Horoscopes about?

Horoscopes are 1) analysis of natal charts or 2) overviews ofupcoming transits or progressions. Horoscopes also include thedaily or monthly sun sign horoscopes found in newspapers andmagazines.

Why do people believe in horoscopes?

Confirmation bias. It's easier to remember an event than a non-event. People remember the few times that a horoscope was spot on, and forget the many times when it was dead wrong. Also, horoscopes are written in such a way so as to be applicable to large numbers of people by making generalizations ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people read the Bible?

VATICAN LETTER May-2-2008 (840 words) Backgrounder. With graphic posted May 1. xxxi Not an easy read: Survey indicates Bible hard to understand http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0802435.htm By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Bible: Most people in Europe a ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people read books by Erin Hunter?

Statistics like that are not really available, because they are too general. There are a lot of people who read Warriors, especially in the United States between the ages of 10 - 14 (the prime demographic). Books from the series regularly make the New York Times bestseller lists on their release dat ( Full Answer )

Can you read your horoscopes even though you're a Christian?

Of course you can still read your horoscope. You may be Christian but you can still do some stuff that isn't like read a horoscope, read magazines. If you want to read a Christian magazine go ahead but I'm Christian but I go to a public school, I read books and magazines, and all my friends swear ar ( Full Answer )

How do people do horoscopes?

Chinese astrology . is based on your Year, Month, Day and Time (Chinese hour if available) of birth From ancient times, the Chinese have believed that certain parameters of your personality and fate were set at your moment of birth. The Chinese are not strict determinists, however, and do believe ( Full Answer )

When people make horoscopes do they make up what they are saying?

not that ive heard. it has something to do with the stars and where they ine up to the earth during that year and month. sometimes even specific as day. i don't kno how they get the horoscope from the stars but im sure that's where it coms from.

What horoscope sign has the most attractive people?

Astrologers say that Gemini people are indeed very charming in personality and in looks. They are very pleasing people, as explained by the astrologers. But some say that Taurus can also be very good-looking individuals. Most, though, say that Gemini has the most attractive people. i find the mos ( Full Answer )

Why do people read horoscopes?

Because they want to know what is going to happen in the future. Like if they get rich or famous or meet a celebraty. Or some people want to know when they are going to die...

The percentage of a countries people who can read and write?

only the rich That is not true. Europe, North America and several other parts of the world have free mandatory school attendance for a certain number of years and thus have a high rate of literacy. Some countries have no money to provide schooling. In some countries education is only available t ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the people in France can read?

In the world literacy league, France comes equal 19th at 99%, though most of those above her are former members of the USSR and their figures may not be all that accurate. The UK, incidentally, comes equal 19th too, and so does the USA.

What is his horoscope?

Well its impossible for me to tell you without his birthday but to give you a grasp on what his horoscope might be here are the dates. March 21 -April 19 = Aries April 20- May 20 = Tarus May 21- June 20 = Gemini June 21- July 22 = Cancer July 23- August 22 = Leo August 23- Sep ( Full Answer )

What does the Bible say about reading your horoscope?

Althought the Bible does not mention horoscopes, it contains many approving examples of the use of numerology and astrology. No doubt the ancients would have been keenly interested in whether horoscopes are a valuable new way of knowing the future.

What percentage of people could read in medieval times?

My guess is about 30% to 40% as an average level of literacy for the Middle Ages in Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire. I know others often give lower figures, but I have heard higher. The percentage of literacy in the Middle Ages depended on time and place. In the Byzantine Empire, there was ( Full Answer )

Are you fond of reading horoscopes do you believe in it or not?

No, because horoscopes are not real. No one can read the future, no one can communicate with spirits, no one but GOD. Horoscopes are stupid and don't make sense For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. P.S. GOD ROCKS

Does the Horoscope help people?

hey peepzz.. well it kinda depends. some people believe in that stuff - horoscopes and start signs, i mean. personally, i dont. but it doesnt matter what people think. if you do decide to believe in it then i wouldnt rely on it...i mean i wouldnt look at it everyday and if it said something li ( Full Answer )

What is you horoscope?

Horoscope is a chart of all the planets with its positions (degree, min, sec) during birth. As per its position, every planet falls on a zodiac sign and that creats various different combinations and result differently to different person born in different time. This char is used by the astrologers ( Full Answer )

Where can one read free horoscopes online?

There are many websites on where you may read free horoscopes. Many of them are free, but beware, as some websites may attempt to install software onto your computer if you let it.

Where might a person read compatibility horoscopes?

Compatibility horoscopes are available on astrology sites. Horoscopes are also available in magazines and newspapers. The sites may give different views, but they do give answers.

Why are the horoscopes?

Astrology developed over time to see how the movement of celestial objects such as the planets could influence events and the behaviour of people.