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Q: What percentage of questions are answered within an hour?
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How long will it take for answers to answer?

It is the goal of answers to questions answered as quickly as possibly, ideally within an hour.

Does anyone get their answers via this website in a timely manner?

well it depends what u mean to be in a timely manner! 67% of people who ask questions on this website have them answered within 2weeks! p.s. these statistics are not proven by the official website.Answer #2I've answered a few today within an hour of their posting - but this might be unusual. Ask a few questions and time them....

How can you get the exact time when your questions get an answer on WikiAnswers?

View the question history and it will list the time (minute and hour) the question was answered.

How long does it take to walk 4 miles in 1 hour?

you already answered your question, within the question.

What is an question hour?

A question hour is the time that is open for people to ask questions. Often this time is set aside at the end of a meeting so if anyone has a question they can get it answered.

On average how many questions are posted on WikiAnswers in a 24-hour period and what percentage of those get answered?

As of 11/15/2008:On average, 31,000 new questions are asked every day and about 8,000 new answers are added every day. Now the 8,000 new answers aren't necessarily related to the 31,000 new questions, this is just the average we get every day.

Approximately how many questions get answered in a 24-hour period on WikiAnswers?

It fluctuates depending on the day of the week and the time of year, but it ranges from about 15,000 to 20,000.

Is it Within a hour or within an hour?

Within an hour. The "h" is silent you treat it like it starts with a vowel.

What percentage of Canadians live within 2 hours of the US border?

== == That would depend on the speed that you are going per hour.

How do you convert percentage of an hour into minutes in excel?

To convert percentage of an hour into minutes, multiply the percentage by 0.6 .

What percentage of Australians live within an hour of a body of water?

Generally, it is accepted that approximately 90% live within an hour of the coastline and only 10% live inland. Bear in mind that there are no real bodies of water inland either.

What is the consumption of 50ton crane per hour?

This question cannot be fully answered since there are variables such as how hard the crane is working within that 1-hour period, how old it is, the temperature of the day, etc. These will all affect how much fuel is used within that period of time.

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