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If it is a "S" mintmark Eisenhower dollar, it's 40% silver, if not, no silver.

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US half dollars struck in 1964 and before are 90% silver, 1965 to 1970 are 40% silver, 1971 to date have no silver.

24.59 grams .800 of that is silver

The Eisenhower's that have 40% silver in them dated 1971 all have an "S" Mintmark and were never released for circulation.

Copied from somewhere:1 Dollar "Eisenhower Dollar" (Silver Collectors' Issue)1971-1977Silver (.400) - 24.59 g - ø 38.1 mmKM# 203aSo it is 40% silverAssuming the USA dollar, not some other country that uses dollar also.

It depends. You can check the percentage on the official Website for each of them.

Average retail price is $12.00. The coin is 40% silver.

The 1971 Eisenhower Dollar contains 0.31 ounces of silver. However, only the San Francisco minted dollars contain any silver at all. These are marked with an S.

None at all. No Eisenhower Dollars that were issued for circulation (1971-1978) contain silver.

They were made with 90% silver and 10% copper.

The 1923 Peace Dollar contains 90% silver and 10% copper.

It's still worth one dollar.

There are no 1971 peace silver dollars. A circulated 1971 Eisenhower dollar is worth about $2. An uncirculated one is worth about $5. A silver collectors edition (with an "S" mintmark above the date) is worth about $10.

The 1971 Silver dollar is worth about $10 depending on its condition as there was a Uncirculated coin in a Blue envelope and a Proof coin in a Brown box. Both coins contain 40% Silver so as the price of Silver fluctuates so dose the coins value. Unlike a 1971 Clad dollar that was produced for general circulation the Silver dollar was sold by the US Mint to collectors.That's an Eisenhower dollar, and it's only worth face value. It doesn't contain any silver.

These are Morgan Silver dollars. They contain 90% silver and 10% copper.

No 1971 Kennedy half dollars were struck in silver the last year was 1970 for 40% silver coins

The first real person on a dollar coin was President Eisenhower in 1971. No silver dollar coins have portraits of real people.

There is no president on the only silver dollars intended for circulation. All the dollar coins containing silver for general circulation had an image of Liberty and were last minted in 1935. However, the Eisenhower dollar coin minted from 1971-1978 are the same size as the earlier silver dollar coins, but they ones intended for circulation contain absolutely no silver and should not be called silver dollars. These dollar coins minted from 1971-1978 contain a portrait of Dwight Eisenhower on them.

No such coin exists. Silver dollars were last minted for circulation in 1935, and the last silver dollar sized coin was the Eisenhower dollar of 1971-1978, there was no dollar coin minted in 1967.

None of the Eisenhower dollars (1971-1978) made for circulation have ANY silver in them. Some special collectors coins were struck in 40% silver.

None of the Eisenhower dollars (1971-1978) made for circulation have ANY silver in them. For 1971 only special collectors coins that have "S" mintmark's were struck in 40% silver.

Any variety of U.S. silver dollar dated up through 1935 had some representation of Lady Liberty. Then 1971-78 was the Eisenhower dollar, though by then they weren't made of silver anymore.

Maybe $3 on eBay, and it's not made of silver.

No Kennedy half-dollar from 1971 to date made for general circulation contains any silver.

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