What percentage of the America's population believes in aliens?

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A telephone poll conducted by the Center for Survey and Research Analysis at the University of Connecticut, resulted in that roughly 77% of Americans thought alien lifeforms could develop on planets very different from Earth. Around 8 out of 10 Americans believe is is likely that intelligent aliens on other planets are more advance than humans on earth. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer for SETI, who appeared in "Extraterrestrial," predicts a real possibility that we may find evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life by the year 2025.
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How much of America's population is not a Christian?

Key findings:[7] (Not adjusted for increase in refusals to reply) . the proportion of the population that can be classified as Christian has declined from 86% in 1990 to 77% in 2001; \nalthough the number of adults who classify themselves in non-Christian religious groups has increased from about ( Full Answer )

Do you believe in aliens?

Answer #1: The possibility that aliens from other planet exist is notimpossible. Compared to what there is to know, humans practically know nothing. I say that there is a possibility. Did you know, i know this cannot be confirmed, that the governments hid from the world that there isreally aliens. M ( Full Answer )

Is it true that Scientologists believe in Aliens?

Fundamental to Scientology is a view of Man as a spiritual being.In Scientology, the spiritual being is called the thetan . The termis taken from the Greek letter theta for "thought" or"life" or "the spirit." It is used to avoid confusion with previousconcepts of the soul. The thetan is immorta ( Full Answer )

What is America's population?

The population estimates for America as of 2010 are; North America - 547,086,000 South America - 393,307,000 Combined - 940,307,000 The population in America is an estimated 313.9 million as of 2014.

What is north America's rank in population?

Third, after China and India. While each of those nations has over a billion people, the United States is at third place just with it's 300 million people. Toss in Canada, Mexico and the other central American states, and it still leaves North America as a whole in third place.

Do creationists believe in aliens?

All generalities are false, including this one. Yes. Those who tend to believe in the supernatural are the ones most likely to believe in aliens. It's all about education. Smarter, well educated people find answers through research and provable facts. Those who seek simple answers to complex ques ( Full Answer )

Why do people believe in aliens?

Because they either want to, or have evidence and/or reason to believe so. ' Want ' being from the fascination of extraterrestrials and their capabilities, and perhaps the personal attachment of being part of something more vast and mysterious. ' Evidence ' being from the sightings, reports a ( Full Answer )

Do scientologists really believe in aliens?

Scientologists are brought into the cult based upon the idea that it will enable them to improve themselves through a series of classes (which they must pay for) and auditing sessions (which they must pay for). After they pay for enough classes and auditing sessions they achieve different levels. At ( Full Answer )

Why should people believe in aliens?

they shouldnt No reason they should or shouldn't, they should only hope or not. There is a pretty big chance there is other life out there, but people are entitled to their own opinion in this matter, there is no right or wrong. We-ll there are a lot of unexplained things on this planet we don't kn ( Full Answer )

Does Richard Dawkins believe in aliens?

I doubt if Richard Dawkins believes in aliens in the sense of intelligent beings from outer space who have visited our earth. I think he does believe that, somewhere out there in the billions of planets that exist in other solar systems, there must be other life forms, some of which will be at least ( Full Answer )

Do you believe in UFOs and aliens?

YES....it is not possible that we are the only intelligent race in the whole universe....how much do we know about us ...i think almost nothing ....so believing us the only intelligent should be ignorant i think :) PEACE :)

How many people believe in aliens?

There are a lot of people who believe in aliens these days, but there are about a million people per state.

Do you believe in existence of aliens?

"Belief" is an acceptance without evidence. I do "believe" that there is life elsewhere in the Galaxy, although there is no evidence either to support or refute the proposition. I do not "believe" that alien intelligent life forms have visited this planet. Again, there is no evidence either way, ( Full Answer )

Why don't people believe in aliens?

Various reasons. Some may be religious, some may be due to a limited understanding of life. The only justified reason is that there is no evidence. I personally believe in extraterrestrial intelligence, but I comlpetely understand if others don't based on lack of evidence.

Did Einstein believe in aliens?

That's a good question. I can't find any direct statements about whether he did or not, but I did find a reference to him favoring visual communication over the radio-based SETI communication that we currently have (in the 1920s, and apparently back then it wasn't possible to focus radio transmitte ( Full Answer )

Why should you believe in aliens?

Evidence Actually, no reason. You could shun the evidence or believe it, as none is 100% conclusive. If there was absolutely undeniable evidence, like one landed and said hi to you, there would be no sense to disbelieve them.

Do you believe in aliens and Ufos?

Not everyone belives in UFO's and aliens, and I don't belive in little green men that come to take over the world. But why do people want to think that the only things that exists are the things we know of? Space is Billions of miles side to side and up and down, their is obviosly more planets t ( Full Answer )

What lead people to believe that there is aliens?

It was probably the whole Roswell area 51 scandal that started it in America. But it's always been an interest to humans. It seems we like to think about other life out there - it's pretty fascinating if you think about it!

Who are the scientist believe that alien exist?

No real "scientist" believes that aliens exist, just as no realscientist 'believes' that aliens do not exist. That's just a simple fact that comes fromsimple definitions. A real 'Scientist' is an observer who drawsconclusions from what he observes. His conclusions have nothing to do with opinion,fai ( Full Answer )

How believe in alien?

Everybody's life has some events in it which simply cannot be explained. We are not omniscient, so some things will happen that we have no way of understanding. In the past when something inexplicable happened people would say it was the work of the fairies, or the goblins, or the kobolds, or the ( Full Answer )

Does anyone believe in an alien?

aliens? sure i do. i believe theres life on other planets even thought scientists havent found aliens or other humans.

Why is believing in aliens deviant?

Believing in something is not necessarily deviant. Most people should believe that there is the possibility of life outside of our planet. However, there is no proof that life exists anywhere else apart from our own planet. As our exploration continues and we visit closer and further worlds, the li ( Full Answer )

What percent of people believe in aliens?

100% An alien is defined as thus: . A person, animal, plant, or other thing which is from outside the family, group, organization, or territory under consideration. . A foreigner residing in a country. . Any life form of extraterrestrial origin. Everyone will believe that 1 and 2 are true ( Full Answer )

Why do some people believe in aliens?

I personally do not specifically believe in aliens. However, there are many people who do and who claim to have been abducted. I have not personally met anyone who has made these claims so I cannot speak to your question on a personal level. I am open to the idea with further investigation and concr ( Full Answer )

Who believes in aliens and UFO's and why?

I do. I think that in all the100,000,000 or whatever of stars out there, there must be some other kind of life form. there is so many stars, each with over 5 planets, and most of the planets have got moons.

What percentage of the US population believe in God?

The American Religious Identification Survey was carried out during February-November 2008 and collected answers from 54,461 respondents who were questioned in English or Spanish. One of the findings of the survey was that 76% of American adults identified as Christians in 2008, compared to 86% i ( Full Answer )

What do Hindus believe about aliens?

Hindus do believe in aliens, however it does not mean that they worship them. In ancient Indian texts they speak of and describe alien spacecraft that they called "Vimana". You can also go on google images and search "hindu UFO" and you can see images of what the Ancient Indians described. The Swas ( Full Answer )

Are you an alien believer?

I believe aliens might exist somewhere in the universe, but I don't believe any stories about UFOs or abductions or crop circles or anything like that. -------------------------------------------- A good answer. I don't *believe* in aliens because I have seen no proof of them, and belief without ( Full Answer )

Do Mormons believe in aliens?

As in little green men in silver jumpsuits? No. Aliens are considered fictional creatures, just like vampires, fairies, and werewolves. A few leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly known as 'Mormons') have mentioned both historically and more modern that there may be o ( Full Answer )

Did the ancient Egyptians believe in aliens?

In the sense of foreigners, yes. In the sense of beings from another planet: definitely not. Ancient Egyptian language has the terms pdtyw , xastyw , smaw , pdt , all meaning "foreign people" and all followed by the sign for "foreign hill country". There is absolutely no term in the langua ( Full Answer )

Do Mormons believe that Jesus was an alien?

No. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. He was not an alien, but both God and Man. You can learn more about what Mormons believe about Jesus at the "Related Links" below. ( Full Answer )

Do most scientists believe in aliens?

No. Scientists don't tend to believe in anything until they have proof of its existence/reality. Many scientists believe that it is likely that there are other forms of life in the universe, but that is not the same thing as "believing in aliens", which has overtones of ET visiting Earth.

Why do people believe aliens are green?

People generally think aliens are green because of old sci-fi movies that used this colour and has Carrie don as a trend ever since. Also green usually represents cold, sick and other negative things which many believe aliens to be. But today aliens are depicted as a variety of colours and shapes an ( Full Answer )

Did Carl Sagan believe in aliens?

Carl Sagan, who was an atheist- so no religious bias colored his views, was quite open to the whole idea of UFos and aliens, past and present. He is a bit more hard-core science than Von Daniken, hence is not a popular, but did present some fascinating, and not pre-set or prefabricated ideas.

Do you believe in Ancient Aliens?

I definitely do, simply because the Bible told me so. The Grigori were angels that became infatuated with 'earth women'... enough to 'leave heaven' and procreate a race of giants, from whom Goliath is descended. Then David slew him with a stone and a sling, and the rest is history. It's all in there ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Americans believe they have been abducted by aliens?

About 55% of all Americans believe that Aliens exist. But that doesn't mean that the other 45% are wrong, there's tons of prove of them existing in our universe. For example the thousands of people sending in videos of UFO's fling over them and such. This universe we live in could have many secrets ( Full Answer )

What percentage of America's energy is provided by renewables?

More than 14% of electricity in the US is produced by renewable energy (June 2011). . Most comes from hydro-electricity. . Iowa, North Dakota, and California each generate more than 10% of their electricity supply from wind power, solar power and/or geothermal power. . US wind power installed ( Full Answer )

Why you believe in aliens?

i believe in aliens because their is billions of planets in the universe that their could be aliens on a planet

Can you have to believe on alien?

A person has every right to believe in aliens if they choose too. There is no concrete evidence that aliens exist, but that doesn't mean that they don't.

What percent of America's population is gay?

The overall percentage of gay people in the US is 3.5% of the total population. Since we add 1 person to our population every 16 minutes, the exact number would depend on the exact time you wanted to know.