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Q: What percentage of women have had a gay experience?
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What percentage of women experience premenstrual syndrome?

Approximately 75% of all menstruating women experience some symptoms that occur before or during menstruation.

Do you have to have spotting to be pregnant?

No..only a small percentage of women experience implantation bleeding.

Do most men have a gay experience sometime in their life that they enjoy?

No, only a small percentage of men will ever have a sexual experience with another man.

What percentage of women experience bleeding following a cone biopsy?

Two to 8% of women who undergo a cone biopsy will experience bleeding for up to two weeks.

Why gay people not like women?

Gay women like women.

What percentage of gay people are male?

100% of Gay people are Male. I say this because traditionally homosexual men are called Gay. Homosexual women are called lesbians.You should have asked, What percentage of Homosexualpeople are male? I would imagine the actual number is unknown.

Are women gay?

Homosexual men are gay, women are lesbian.

Is there any difference why women are gay and men being gay?

When women are gay, they are interested in other women. When men are gay, they are intersted in other men

Can a man became gay following one gay experience?

Experiences don't make you gay, whether you have one gay experience or a thousand. You are either born gay or you are not.

Why are the majority of women gay?

They aren't. Only about 3% of Women are gay.

Is the percentage of gay blacks proportionate to the percentage of gay whites in America?

It's about the same as the percentage of straight blacks to the percentage of straight whites in America.

Why gay men are angry with women?

Gay men are not angry with women. This is a myth.

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