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The vast majority of gay men married to women are closeted, so the percentage is unknown.

at least 3.5% to 8% of women are gay or bisexual, possibly more. No reliable statistics exist as of 2016.

Approximately 75% of all menstruating women experience some symptoms that occur before or during menstruation.

Two to 8% of women who undergo a cone biopsy will experience bleeding for up to two weeks.

No..only a small percentage of women experience implantation bleeding.

No, only a small percentage of men will ever have a sexual experience with another man.

100% of Gay people are Male. I say this because traditionally homosexual men are called Gay. Homosexual women are called lesbians.You should have asked, What percentage of Homosexualpeople are male? I would imagine the actual number is unknown.

When women are gay, they are interested in other women. When men are gay, they are intersted in other men

Homosexual men are gay, women are lesbian.

Experiences don't make you gay, whether you have one gay experience or a thousand. You are either born gay or you are not.

About 7/10 men have had some sort of sexual contact with another man by the time he is 25 years old. For women, it is smaller. About 5/10 women under 25 years of age have had a sexual contact with another women. May seem off but more women are open with their sexual experiences where men keep it secret.

They aren't. Only about 3% of Women are gay.

It's about the same as the percentage of straight blacks to the percentage of straight whites in America.

Gay men are not angry with women. This is a myth.

Yes, gay men can have children with women.

No. Gay is gay. If a gay guy likes women as well as men that means hes bisexual.

lesbian - a female attracted to women only bisexual - a male/female attracted to all genders. it does not have to be an equal percentage gay - a man who is only attracted to men

Gay women can also be called lesbians, but the best thing to call them is "women".

It's the same percentage as the adult gay population: about 3% to 8%.

The percentage of women out njumber the percentage of men.

There are more Asians in the world than any other race. Therefore, there are more gay Asians than any other race. However, the percentage is the same as any other ethnicity: about 3% to 8% of people are gay.

Umm almost every single LPGA they want the experience thankyou and have a nice lesbian or gay day like me;))

Gay dating sites, gay clubs, through friends, work or at the gay pride parade.

Nope. The percentage of "fat" gay people is the same as the percentage in the general population!

No He say he like women. He is just cool with gay men and women.

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