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The state allows for the maximum federal amount of 25% of disposable income. The court reserves the power to reduce the percentage to a minimum of 15% if the garnishee can provide evidence that a higher rate would constitute an undue hardship upon themselves and/or dependents. (A.R.S. ~12-1598)

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Q: What percentage of your wages can a debt collector garnish in the state of Arizona?
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It depends on what state you live in . I live in Florida

Can a lienholder garnish your checking account in the state of South Carolina?

NOPE, only the state can garnish for CS or taxes. Some collector is trying to smoke you into paying or dont know the laws in SC.

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Yes, after due process is followed in accordance with the laws of the state.

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Collectors cannot. A court order can. A collector needs to go to court and win a judgment and court order. This varies in difficulty from state to state.

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Possibly, it's a max percentage of your income. (25% in my state)

If you owe state taxes in Minnesota and you now live in Arizona can the Minnesota Dept of Revenue garnish wages from your Arizona checking account or your new job in Arizona?

They sure can ... you owe the taxes ... to not pay is tax fraud and punishable by federal laws, too.

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Do they garnish your wages in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada can garnish your wages if creditors take you to court. There is a limit on how much a creditor can garnish in the state.

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Yes, it can. Any time you owe money to the "State", they will garnish your check.

What percentage from each check can someone garnish?

The maximum under federal law is 25% of disposable income. If the state in which the garnishment is executed has a lower percentage of wage garnishment than 25% that is the one that is assessed.

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Can a debt collector garnish wages if they are not the original creditor?

Yes. If they sue the debtor and win a judgment the creditor or collector can execute the judgment in accordance with the laws of the debtor's state. Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and North Carolina are the only US states that do not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt.