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Q: What period did the Apollo of veii demonstrate a sculptural high point?
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Can you describe how you think Corot's artwork fits with the period piece The Necklace?

It means, how the two are related to each other, their similarities or differences, A "period piece" means a piece of art or literature that represents the period of time that it was made; it aims to capture the essence of that point in history. So it's questions how the two pieces of art represent the ideals of the era.

What was the renaissance period?

The Renaissance Period in Europe, like most historical periods, has only vague beginning and ending points; however, it clearly had begun by the end of the 14th century, with the rise of remarkable artists and thinkers (etc.) in different parts of the Italian region. Moving northwards in steady fashion, it gave rise to an equally remarkable set of creative accomplishments elsewhere in Europe before finally giving way to the Baroque Period at some point in the middle- or late-16th century.

This term is the center of interest for an artwork?

Focal Point for my A+ buddies ;p

What was the renissence?

The Renaissance was a period in European history marked by an educational high point. Many conditions joint to flicker the Renaissance, and this period in history was marked by huge changes for people living in Europe. The term is also used commonly to talk about a sudden explosion in the arts and culture. It is believed that the Renaissance arose in 14th century Italy, as Europe was slowly rising from the Middle Ages. Different historians have unique takes on what, exactly, brought about the Renaissance, but they generally agree that it was a recovery of Classical learning and the arts.

Why did Chidi Okoye paint the point of no return?

Chidi Okoye painted the point of no return because he believed that cubism started in Africa and not Paris

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Poeidon was the uncle of Apollo, at one point they both sued for the hand of the goddess Hestia.

Apollo in King Oedipus?

At one point Apollo reveals that whoever hold the person of Oedipus will win the war at Thebes.

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