What personal qualities or skills do you need to be a pediatrician?


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Personal Qualities for a PediatricianA pediatrican is a medical Doctor Who has taken four additional years of training in the treatment and diagnosis of children's illnesses, after graduating from the basic MD program at a medical school. It will require a lot of dedication to get to this point.

Here is more input and advice on the personal skills and qualities required:

  • The qualifications you need in order to become a pediatrician are very easy! All the you need to do is to be hard working, honest, loyal, trustworthy, and most importantly you have to know what you are doing! Pediatricians are individuals who work with children. They usually work with toddlers and babies but they are also known for working with teens and older kids as well.

There are different qualities the a pediatrician "needs" to have. By going to www.YourCity.MD you can find out what real patients liked or disliked about their pediatrician. On www.YourCity.MD there are also doctor ratings and much more which could help in seeing what qualities a pediatrician needs.


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pediatricianTo like taking care of kids and get as much rest as possible. An MD with a specialty in Pediatrics.

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