Snow and Ice

What phobia is the fear of snow?


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Chionophobia is the fear of snow.

Chinophobia is the fear of snow.

There is no defined phobia for skiing. However there can be fear of falling over or of snow.

Note: A phobia is not just a "fear" of something, it is the "irrational fear" of that thing. Chionophobia- Fear of snow. Cryophobia- Fear of extreme cold, ice or frost. Pagophobia- Fear of ice or frost.

Fear of snow is Chionophobia Fear of men is Hominophobia So the fear of snowmen is -> Hominochionophobia or Homochionophobia To understand the word, think of it in reverse: men, snow, fear of Or: "fear of snowmen" See more:

A phobia is an irrational fear phobia phobic means the fear of fear itself

If failing is your fear the name for the failing phobia (phobia mean fear) is atychiphobia.

Bebuphobia...that is the fear or phobia of blueberries.

Necrophobia Phobia name for the fear of death. It is a common phobia

the only phobia of the fear of crickets is crickephobia

perichoraphobia. perichora (suburbs) + phobia (fear)

Turophobia - fear/phobia of cheese.

To have a phobia is to have a fear.

Phobia means "fear of." For example, arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

Mud Phobia is the phobia (fear) of mud. Its called mysophobia, myso meaning mud and phobia meaning fear.

Fear of crunching snow is a common phobia in the small eastern region of Sudan. Snow is very common amongst the vast desert plains where many children crush snow simply for hydration of the anal. It is called Sudanasnobia.

Atychiphobia (kakorrhaphiophobia, fear of failure, fear of failing, failure phobia).

Theophobia- the irrational fear of a god or deity. Remember its only a phobia if its an "irrational" fear, a normal healthy fear is not a phobia.

We use the term phobophobia to name the fear of fear or of phobias. (The word phobia comes from the Greek for fear.)

Emetophobia is the name of the phobia associated with the fear of vomiting.

Phronemophobia is the name of the phobia relating to the fear of thinking

Phasmophobia is the name of the phobia relating to the fear of ghosts

Aurophobia is the name of the phobia relating to the fear of gold

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