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Great Barrier Reef.

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Q: What physical feature is located off the northeast coast of Australia?
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Is Europe located Northeast of Australia?

No it is located Northwest of Australia. depends on which map you've got

Is New Zealand located about 1000 miles northeast of Australia?

No. New Zealand is located southeast of Australia.

Which sea is located directly northeast of Australia?

This is the Coral Sea.

What body of water is located northeast of Australia?

The Coral Sea is located to Australia's northeast.Also to the northeast, beyond the Coral Sea, is the Solomon Sea.Both of these seas are arms of the Pacific Ocean.

What major coral reef is northeast of Australia?

The major coral reef that is located off the coast of northeast Australia is the Great Barrier Reef.

What is located off the northeast coast of Australia?

Great barrier reef.

On which physical feature is Vicksburg located?

by the mississippi river

What physical feature is located at 59 degrees north and 89 degrees west?

That point is well out offshore in Canada's Hudson's Bay, about 185 miles east-northeast of Churchill, Manitoba.

Where is Keswick Island in Australia?

Keswick Island is in the Whitsundays, which are located off the northeast coast of Australia. Specifically, Keswick Island is about 34km northeast of the central Queensland city of Mackay.

How does the physical feature of Ghana differ from Jamaica physical feature?

Ghana is in Africa where deserts are located. Jamaica doesn't have any deserts.

Is the coral sea around Europe?

No, it's located off the northeast coast of Australia.

Near which kind of physical feature were British plantations located?


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