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Other than digging a hole and burying it, if a Repoman can get a clean shot at the car it's going to be gone. With the tools that I carry, it will be recovered within the boundries of the law.

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Q: What physical vehicle restraint methods make it more difficult for the repo man?
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Is it legal for a repossessing agent of a vehicle to physically threaten or restrain the owner?

The events asked about are described in terms that are too general. Describe what actually occurred. What was the "physical threat?" Describe the "physical restraint" that was used, and why.

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Had the same problem. Nissan covers this for the life of the vehicle, go to the dealer and let them replace the vehicle restraint system.

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All vehicle occupants under the age of must be restrained by a safety belt or by a child restraint device regardless of seating position?


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Sealed vehicle or container

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