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What place in the world does platinum come from?

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What do the platinum package tickets for a world wrestling entertainment event come with?

I am not sure but it might come with backstage passes.

My Pokemon platinum emulator isn't working Can you help me?

Yes come to my place my phone number is 98040683

Where is distant land in Pokemon Platinum?

If your looking at in PokemonDiamond or Pearl,It's a Place that only exists in Pokemon Platinum Version(For example,the Distortion World)

How do you get to the begging demension on Pokemon dp?

There is no such place. If you mean the Distortion World, that is only in Pokémon Platinum.

Where is the place that Giratina is at in Pokemon platinum?

It depends if you have knocked it out in the distortion world. it would be there or in turnback cave.

What place did us come in for 2010 world cup?

They came in 13'th place in the 2010 world cup

Where does chocolate mint come from?

it comes from a place in the world...

Where can you find unown p in Pokemon platinum?

Solaceon Ruins is the only place you could get it. You just have to wait a while for it to come out and sometimes not.

Where did the telephone first appear?

wich place in the world did it come from

Pokemon platinum how do you get the spring path to open?

i think u need to have battled giratina in the distortion world and u come out there

When will Pokemon Platinum come out?

Pokemon platinum comes out in the US on March 22, 2009

In Pokemon Platinum what is the pal park?

It is a place were you can transfer your pokeon from your gemeboy games to your platinum

In Animal Crossing Wild World Have a Platinum Membership and have never once gotten a spotlight item how come?

it gives you discounts not items

What did France come in rugby world cup 2007?

4th place.

When is Pokemon Platinum supposed to come out?

Pokemon Platinum is out in japan and is coming out in 2009 in America and UK

Where did the name platinum group come from?

There was a guy called John Platinum and he named it after his last name :)

What continent do tadpoles come from?

Frogs are all over the world in various places. They do not come from one place.

Where does platinum come from?

mines no. space, meteorites

If you flee from azelf will it come back in platinum?


Can you go to a new place on Pokemon platinum?


What is via on Pokemon Platinum?

its a secret place

When does Pokemon Platinum come come?

it comes out in the usa on march 22nd 2009

How do you get to the reverse world on platinum?

get to the spear pillar ontop of mount coronet DIALGA and PALKIA should appear and so will GIRITINA when he does come a portal to the reverse world should open.

What place did Uruguay come in the world cup 2010?

Uruguay came fourth in the 2010 world cup.

What is the old chateau in platinum?

the old chateau in platinum is where you get rotom and it is the shut down place where they made gateau

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