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he is the first

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Who was the second most famous Egyptian pharaoh?


What pharaoh proceeded King Tutankhamun?

Tutankhamun was the son of Akhenaten, but was not the immediate succesor of Akhenaten. After Akhenaten died a pharaoh named Smenkhkare, who is believed to have been a younger brother of Akhenaten, may have been a co-regent of Akhenaten and ruled for a few years after his death. There is a second pharaoh who ruled between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun; Neferneferuaten, a female pharaoh whose identity is unknown. There are several theories to who she may have been; she may have been the wife and co-regent of Smenkhkare, or the daughter of Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti, or even Nefertiti herself. So the line of succession went from Akhenaten, Smenkhkare (?), Neferneferuaten (?) then Tutankhamun.

How many Pharaohs are there in the Bible?

At the very least, there are 6 distinct Pharaohs in the Bible, but there are several psalms and phrases which could refer to other different unnamed Pharaohs. The first Pharaoh is the one that meets Abraham and Sarah in Genesis ch. 12 and has no name. The second Pharaoh is the one that speaks with Joseph while the latter reveals Pharaoh's dream in Genesis ch. 41; this Pharaoh is also nameless. The third Pharaoh is the famous one from the Exodus in Exodus. ch. 10, that Moses confronts to allow the Jews to escape enslavement. The fourth Pharaoh is mentioned in 1 Kings ch. 3 as the father of one of King Solomon's wives. The fifth Pharaoh is explicitly named as Pharaoh Neco and is a Pharaoh to which the Kingdom of Judah became a tributary vassal according to 2 Kings ch. 23. Jeremiah refers to a Pharaoh Hophra in Jeremiah ch. 44.

Who were the major pharaohs of ancient Egypt?

- Khufu : he built the great pyramid of Giza - Cleopatra : she was the very last Pharaoh - Hatshepsut : she was the first woman to rule as pharaoh in good times - Akhenaten : he changed the religion - Ramses II : he was the second longest ruling Pharaoh and had many monument built - Zoser : he built the first pyramid

Who is the most famous female pharaoh in Egypt?

there actually two but the main one is Hatshepsut and the second one is Cleopatra

Who is King Tutankhamun friends?

Horus and Ramses the second

Who was pharaoh when Joseph was second in command?

The name of the pharaoh is not recorded in the Bible.

Who was the second to last Pharaoh?

Ptolemy XI was the second to last PHARAOH. The second to last RULER was Berenice IV (Cleopatera's older sister)

Who was second in command to pharaoh?


Who is the oldest Egyptian pharaoh in age?

his name was pharaoh pipi the second. he was 104 when he died

Who is the pharaoh that built abu simbel?

The pharaoh who built Abu Simbel was Rameses the second.

Why was hatshepsut such a unique pharaoh?

She was a woman - although she was not unique in that . She was actually the second female pharaoh.

Who were the leaders of ancient egypt?

The leaders of Ancient Egypt were the pharaohs. They looked up to the gods but they were the rulers. They most famous were Hatshepsut who encouraged tade instead of waging war. Thutose III who actually was the opposite. He loved war and encouraged it. Probably the most famous Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses II, who built great monuments for himself and just did alot of good things. After his death the Egyptian culture and civilization declined. Of course, the whole Cleopatra story comes into place, as she was one of the last pharaohs before Egypts downfall. This is when their neighbors, the Nubians, decide to help their old friends the Egyptians.

Government of ancient Egypt?

was ruled by one man which was the pharaoh . second powerful was the wife of the pharaoh

What was te second command for pharaoh?


Who was second in command to the pharaoh?

The viser

Were does Ramses the second come from?

He was the Egyptian Pharaoh

Why was Tutankhamun famous in Egypt?

because his tomb after he was found dead-was the only tomb not to have the second half (the artifact's room)of the tomb untouched by robber as the booby traps had killed them before they entered there.

Who was the second Egyptian pharaoh?

the answer is the second pharoh is king tut he was a king and a pharoh

Where were the pharaohs buried in all kingdoms?

In the second era the pharaohs were buried in pyramids, in the first and third era they were buried in small tombs.

What was the average life span of the Pharaohs?

Akhenaten is thought to have been about 45 years old at the age of his death, Tutankhamun was 17 or 18... Ramses the Second died when he was approximately 90 years old..Seti 1 was about 38, and Cleopatra was 39. So... roughly 46-ish.

Which Pharaoh made peace with the Hittites?

Ramses the second

The pharaoh who ruled for 66 years?

Ramesses the second

What is the name of the second pharaoh?

1st Dynesty Djer(Itit)

What dynasty was khufu in?

Khufu was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty

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