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What planet is Superman from?

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Superman is from the planet Krypton. He is one of the last survivors from there since it exploded.

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What us Superman home planet?

Superman is from the planet krypton.

Is Superman from the planet Krypton?

Yes , Krypton is the home planet of Superman .

Which planet did Superman come from?

He came from the planet Krypton

What Superman planet?


Superman comes from this plant?

Superman comes form the planet Krypton.

What is superman home planet?

Superman's home planet is Krypton.

What planet does Superman come from?


What planet was Superman born on?


What planet did Superman come from?


Which planet was Superman born on?


Where is Superman from?

Superman was really from the planet Krypton- but it exploded and he was sent to Earth where he was raised in Smallville, Kansas. And then he got a job at the daily planet.

Was there a planet named krypton?

Only in fiction, as in the planet where Superman was born.

Which planet is Brainiac from?

In the comics, the planet Colu, on TV the planet Krypton, just like Superman does.

What paper did Superman work for?

The Daily Planet.

What planet does Superman actually come from?


What planet is between Jupiter and Krypton?

Krypton is an imaginary planet from the show Superman.

How did Superman come to planet Earth?

Superman came to Earth in a spaceship launched by his parents (Jor-El and Lara-Van) from their dying planet, Krypton. His father and mother remained on the dying planet.

What planet did Superman originally come from?

Krypton, the now extinct red-sun planet.

What was the first building Superman jumped?

The Daily Planet?

Name the newspaper in the Superman stories.?

The Daily Planet.

Which newspaper does Superman work as a reporter?

The Daily Planet

If the Hulk and Spider-man got into a fight with Superman on Superman's home planet who would win?


Where was Superman born?

Superman was born on a dying planet called Krypton which was orbiting a red sun in another galaxy.

Who was born on the planet krypton?

Superman, aka Kal-El.

What weekens Superman?

Kryptonite. Its a rock from his home planet of Krypton. :]

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