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What plant has no root?

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Microscopic plants and plants belonging to Algae and Bryophyta groups have no roots.

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What is the root of a tomato plant?

the root of a tomato plant is a root!

What is the plant root?

The plant root is the portion of the plant that draws water from the soil into the body or stem of the plant. The root also anchors the plant to the ground.

Wheat plant has tap root or fibrous root?

wheat plant have fiberous root

What type of root does a bean plant have?

A bean plant has a tap root.

What kind of root does a tulsi plant have?

tap root, as it is adicot plant

Does the bulrush plant have tap root or fibrous plant?

tap root

Is Beet root root or stem?

It is the root of the plant.

What part of a plant is beetroot?

Beetroot is the root of a plant, hence the word root!

What part of a land-plant keeps the plant in place?

the root does the root does

What part of a plant is the turnip?

it is the root (a tap-root) it is the root (a tap-root)

What does the root do?

The root of a plant anchors the plant to the earth. It also collects the water and nutrients necessary for plant growth.

What does a root do when the plant is reproducting?

The root of the plant generally provides water and nutrients to the plant during plant's reproduction.

Does a shrub has a root?

every plant has a root

What is young root?

the root of mature plant

What are some vegetables that are the root of the plant?

Sweet potatoes are a vegetable that is produced in the root of a plant.

Is a carrot a root plant?

a carrot is a tuber, which yes, is pretty much a root plant

What is the definition of a root?

Root is a part of a plant which is underground. It transports water and fiber in the plant.

Which part of root anchor the plant?

The underground part of the root generally anchors the plant.

What do root and root hairs do for a plant?

They help the plant to absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

What does the root cap do for the plant?

It protects the ends of each root. (p.s. There are about 2 million root caps on one plant).

What kind of root system does a strawberry plant have?

strawberry plant has both tap root as well as fibrous root system

How do root hairs help a plant?

Root hairs help a plant by soaking up water and nutrients from the soil and taking them up to the plant through the roots. Root hairs are cells at the tip of the root.

What does the root do on a plant?

The root supplies the plant with water and dissolved nutrients and it also anchors the plant into the ground and provides support.

Does ixora plant have tap root or fibrous root?

Tap root

What kind of root does a beet have?

A beet is technically a root. So the root of the plant is the beet, and whatever that grows out of it is the actual 'plant' portion.