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What plant is raised to make blue dye?

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Indigo plant

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What is a plant raised to make blue dye?


A plant raised to make dye in South Carolina?


How do you make blue color?

If something is not already blue, you can dye it. Indigo is a plant famous for its blue dye. It was used to make blue jeans. However the dye can now be made in the laboratory.

What plant was raised in South Carolina to make dye?

"Indigo." and rice

Which plant is boiled to make a blue dye for cloth?


What plants make blue?

Woad is one plant that is used in the production of blue dye.

What plant is boiled to make a blue dye for cloth?

Indigo or cornflower.

What is the name of the plant used to make a valuable blue dye?


How does kira make the blue dye in gathering blue?

Kira never actually makes blue in the book. She has just received a blue dye plant and planted it when the story ends.

Is a bushy plant whose stems and leaves are used to make blue dye?


What is a four letter word for blue dye?

Anil it is the indigo plant or the blue dye obtained from it

Why does blue dye show up better in a plant than red dye?

because blue dye is better than red

What plant was used for blue dye?


How do you make light blue wool in Minecraft?

Put Lapis Lazuli in your crafting slot to make Blue Dye. Put bones in your crafting slot to make Bonemeal. Put Bonemeal and Blue Dye together to make Light Blue Dye. The dye can be used to dye wool as normal.

How do you make purple dye?

mix red and blue dye Red dye- redberries blue dye- woad leaves

Which plant produces a blue dye?

Indigofera tinctoria

How was the blue dye made from the plant indigo?

Blue dye was made from the indigo plant because all this is possible if you dry the leaves of this plant you will discoverer that gives off a powdered flake when water is added to the powder flakes a blue substance is formed therefore becoming blu dye.

What colors of dye can you make on RuneScape on and how?

Red dye requires 3 redberries to make, Yellow dye requires 2 onions to make, Blue dye requires 2 woad leaves to make, Orange dye is a mix of red and yellow, Green dye is a mix yellow and blue, Purple dye is a mix of blue and red.

How do you make blue pants out of brown pants?

Dye them blue with a blue dye you can buy at Wal-Mart maybe?

What kind of dye do you need for goblins diplomacy?

You need orange dye and blue dye. Aggie in Draynor Village can make red, yellow and blue dye. Combine the red and yellow to make orange dye.

What plant yields a blue dye?

Woad ,cornflower and indigo (of course) will yield a blue dye. We're going to test the cornflower one though.

What plant in the colonies was used for blue dye?

indigo was the plants name

What is the main source of income in the South Carolina colony?

Indigo, a plant used to make blue-ish purple-ish dye.

What is the material purple dye is made from?

you need to make the blue dye and the red dye and use them on each other

Indigo dye plant?

The indigo dye plant is used to create beautiful blue colors. The chemical responsible for the beautiful blue color is indigotin. Indigo from plants has been replaced by synthetic blue colors in recent times due to the ease of processing.