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What colour is a root hair cell?

The colour of a root hair cell usually depends on which plant it is in. Though usually it is a green colour with a brown cell wall and a blue nucleus.

Can a plant grow from just the top of the root?

A plant can grow from just the top of a carrot root, but not any root. This is because carrots have a special kind of root called a tap root. The plant that will grow from the top of the carrot will not be another carrot, but instead a green leaf type thing and there will be some very small hair bristle type things growing from the side. They will be light brown or so.

Why do carrots have green tops?

Because a carrot is a root so the green top is actually the plant on top. What you eat is the root that was underground.

What part of the plant does a green onion come from?

the root the root No the root is below the ground and the green onion is above the ground which is a young onion. it will eventually grow into a onion.

What part of the carrot do you eat?

We eat the root of the carrot plant. most people eat only the root of the plant but the top of the plant the green leafy part is also edible and nutritious.

What is the root of a tomato plant?

the root of a tomato plant is a root!

What part of plant does carrot represent?

Carrots are very unique vegetables. Carrots represent the root of the entire plant and the green top is actually the plant.

What kind of plant reproduction occurs when a root stem or leaf producers a new plant?

its a type of propigation either the leaf, root, or steam. how this works is they take a peice of the root leaf and or stem into the soil with a piece of the plant sticking out of the soil. what happens is an the plant grows from these they will star growing roots and root hairs(which absorbs water and nutrients)

What plant part is a green onion?

The inside Root, just like other onions & potatoes.

Is root beer brown?

Yes root beer is brown

What is the plant root?

The plant root is the portion of the plant that draws water from the soil into the body or stem of the plant. The root also anchors the plant to the ground.

Does yellow leaves with brown spots mean root rot?

it can be, or it can be a result of a fungal infection on the leaf. yellowing leaves, especially at the base of the plant are indicative of a root problem - root rot, over watering or even severe fertiliser burn to the roots of the plant

Wheat plant has tap root or fibrous root?

wheat plant have fiberous root

What type of root does a bean plant have?

A bean plant has a tap root.

What part of the plant makes the food for the plant?

It is the green parts of a plant that trap the Sunlight and make the food (sugars) for the plant (in structures called "chloroplasts" which contain the green "chlorophyll").The green parts of a plant are normally the leaves and the plant arranges these so that each leaf is exposed to the most sunlight.The roots transport water and nutrients to all parts of the plant, they do not produce food.

What does the root word pulse mean?

either a rythmical beating or seeds from a leguminous plant grown for food

What kind of root does a tulsi plant have?

tap root, as it is adicot plant

Does the bulrush plant have tap root or fibrous plant?

tap root

What will happen if you put vinegar on a plant?

The low pH of the vinegar will damage the root system of the plant causing either temporary or permanant damage (death).

What does the horseradish plant look like?

A horseradish is a root vegetable. The root looks tubular and pale off-white, with green leaves and white flowers above the ground.

Is Beet root root or stem?

It is the root of the plant.

Are beans a root or seeds?

Bean plants certainly have roots, but the part of the plant that is eaten is the seed (brown beans, flat beans, broad beans, lima beans, etc.), and often the seed pod (usually called green beans).

What is the name of the material in plant that makes them green?

Green plants are green largely because of the compound chlorophyll; the "chloro" part of the compound name comes from a Greek root meaning "greenish-yellow".

What part of a plant is beetroot?

Beetroot is the root of a plant, hence the word root!

What part of a land-plant keeps the plant in place?

the root does the root does