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What plants grow in the rainforest?

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orchids grow in the rain forest for sure. Most of the plants in your gardon probably live there, because half of the worlds plants grow in the rain forest.

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What Plants grow In a Rainforest?


How do plants in the rainforest grow?

by water

Do all plants need soil to grow?

No theydo not. Plants in the Rainforest can grow on trees.

How do lianas grow in the rainforest?

Lianas start off by growing on the rainforest floor, and they grow up other plants to reach the rainforest canopy.

What plants grow in the African Rainforest?

flowers: lilaaccc

What kind of plants grow in the tropical rainforest?

the plant kind

What plants grow in tropical rainforest?

Trees, moss, vines

Why do plants and trees grow so well in the rainforest?

because when you a the air make it grow

Are there Venus Flytraps in the tropical rainforest?

No, they are not found in the rainforest, and they are not tropical plants. They are from North Carolina where they grow in the wild.

Why are there lots of plants and animals in the rainforest?

In the rainforest since there is a lot of rain, the more rain the more plants will grow. Deserts don't have many plants because of the lack of rain.

Examples of plants that grow in the rainforest?

vines, shrubs, and small trees.

What rainforest plants grow in the shrub layer?

Many forms of fungi...

What is a big watery place that plants grow in?

ocean, rainforest

Where do most plants on Earth grow?

I think it's in the Amazon Rainforest..

Why do plants grow so quickly in the Amazon rainforest?

they grow quickly because of the need for sunlight, that is why there are so many tall trees in the rainforest because they all want to reach the sun, the plants and trees are specially adapted to livng in the rainforest, and thy have butress roots to support them hile they grow.

In which ways will rainforest destruction affect the trees and plants that grow there?

Rainforest destruction pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

How does the sun effect the rainforest?

the sun affects the rainforest by helping all the plants grow and making the animals eat and live.

Why do so few plants grow on the rainforest floor?

very little sunlight makes it to the rainforest floor

What are plant adaptations found in the rainforest?

Plants in the rain forest must have some adaptations. Most in the rainforest have the ability to grow in shade and be able to grow with large amounts of rainfall.

Why is it difficult for plants to grow on the floor of a rainforest?

It's hard for the plants to grow on the floor of the rain forest because of the canopy that is above them. It blocks a good majority of the sunlight the plants on the floor need, making it difficult to grow.

Why can so many different kinds of plants grow in the rainforest?

they can adapt to different surroundings.

What plants live in the under story of the rainforest?

The understory of the rainforest is hot, humid, and the wind is almost non-existent. Mainly shrubs, baby trees, woody plants, and palms grow there.

What plants live in the forest floor of the rainforest?

Very little grows on the rainforest floor. Mushrooms and other fungi grow at this level, and mosses can also be found on the rainforest floor.

What kinds of plants grow in the amazon rainforest?

Some of the plants growing in the Amazon rainforest are the avocado, wild nutmeg, purple cecropia, water-vine, and kapok. Additional plants grown there are the Brazil nut, red-passion flower, willows, and papaya. There are over 80,000 species of plants found in the Amazon rainforest.

Where do plants living in the rainforest get their nutrients?

the plants living in the rainforest get their nutrients from the rainforest soil.

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